Upon hearing my mother-in-law simply removed his wife's son

I keep thinking forever, don't understand why parents hate my husband to it, though I do still like the thorn in her eye., chong, nang dau, gia dinh, ket ...

I am married to the far 3 years, currently working in a private company specializes in Office supplies business. Income is not too high but well enough to cover my life and care for themselves.

My husband is currently working in the construction company, British higher salaries and more stable I. My husband is very gentle, wounded his wife injured. We are living with my husband's father, husband's mother died from when he was young, his mother in such British farming. Therefore, my husband is very hurt and grateful parents.

Life should be very good if I didn't encounter a headache cause I don't know have to handle, there is a conflict between my husband and his mother.

I know she didn't like me from the first time he put me on launch. She said I am distant, jobs not stable, she told her husband, I want you to marry a State, the latter will have time to take care of the family.

However, we still try to convince her and firmly held the wedding. Finally "the land shall not be my God my God shall suffer the ground" she also nodded to us getting married. I think that after this about living together, I will care, love her, and then she will have another look on me.

But the story is not that simple, about living under one roof, as she showed disrespect to hate daughter-in-law. In front of my husband she will reassure, a mother of two children, but when there is no my husband there, she lead extraction, review my strokes enough sugar. Even, there are times she told me "sa chĩnh", and then Rice Rat "doesn't know what game she enchanted to my son". I heart pain, trauma, but don't know what to say to her husband, saying he's just comforting me tongue chặc "old mother then, I accept what to do, let her" bear if I go.

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Mother-in-law treated me as a thorn in the eye (artwork)

I was born the eldest daughter, she expressed discomfort as possible. I cry sexual harassment she also didn't coax. Mother-in-law day as too worthy, whatever her feelings and her husband split. He also defended his wife initially, but later she crammed for her husband what's not good about me, I'm lazy, awkward, not to her husband's mother. He crashed out of discomfort with his wife.

All the things that I can tolerate the teeth bite, but lately, she often hinted near and far about having your baby girl is she's new study about 25 years old, but not yet married. See tell her you my husband so much, as hearing her mother telling about my husband. She said she wanted to invite her home for dinner. I oppose, so I yelled at my husband mother away from discharge, I am selfish, petty. I said to my husband, he says "invite her to eat 1 meal can do". Hear my husband say so, I hard throat.

The next day, she came to my house, carrying a lot of gifts, for my mother, for my husband. Nice mother-in-law, wrapped citrus asking her not to stop. Lunch that day, everybody happy, only I sat like a fool. I feel unwanted.

That evening, I plan to up the room she found her husband and cleanup I am to young. I overheard, she told you, "my Mom saw that she was right, it's that do have Strawberry is good?  You look back at your wife see what countries the rolls ". I leave the limb loss, no doubt she do so. She hate me to those also can not discharge for cruel to me so. Now I don't know how life, my husband and I listened to my mother. If you quit now I took the other girl, mother, I know what to do, if I keep trying to hold, then I have to gauge to never. Now I'm all mixed up, can anyone tell me, what do I do now?=

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