Virginity for men: to keep or let go?

But don't think it is easy to understand for the surprise of someone's life by ancient far in we only get new women wing stories more Virgin do measure the dignity, did man? Indifferent!

Or not the virginity of men?

Several years ago, on a newspaper specializing in health, a doctor has confirmed the dead man's column also have virginity. The thing should make reason or pretext if the most recent issue of the word dogma of the Virgin man, the answer will definitely harder, while normally with a girl, considered lost virginity when the hymen is no longer. Says basically that hard physical evidence found on the virginity of men.

Also according to this doctor, physiological, can see the foreskin is equivalent the hymen but apparently could not take the "gold" for the guy, because it will exist for life though "the boss" has or ever had with anyone. Also if retrieved early ejaculation as landmarks, also wrong by most of the major new boys "echigo" first through the dream without a girl on the side. So, perhaps the most authentic "evidence" is based on the first bedding, but missed the guy lying?

Because of this reason that the word virginity of thousand men who never referred to, interested and, of course, no one took the virginity of weather do give any guy would. Even when foreign, a weekly newspaper conducted a survey of the opinions about the virginity of men, the result is there to 50% of women do not like to have my husband ... a Virgin!

The survey on the net in Russia also found that women in this country are attracted more by the man sexual experience ever. Participants in the survey were dreaming about the husband is a man of 30 years of incessantly "conquests" thicker than a young face longer flicking out milk age eighteen 20s!

In Vietnam, the four words "virginity for men" surrounded recently when stories about a Mrs. lang thanks to base on vented Yangming that determination to whitewash for 3 boys escape from jail rape. But, if the detailed view, the incident also has many problems in the proceedings should the Yangming kia is just a factor to impact people in their determination to pursue justice. Also in the eyes of scientists, doctors, the "curtain of mist of doubt" still not yet drive away, even had the desire to be a meeting with Mrs. lang to confront him about what is called "Virgin blood". 

There are many reasons why men should keep virginity (artwork)

Men need to keep more virgins?

Must be that many people would answer that: Has no, difficult to determine ... what to do, because nobody knows, who also hold recognized for? But please answer that, don't think only about about new men stuffing into "gold" of women. But more and more my sister want to know soon "resume" of Chinese sex workers. So not strange when on Advisory items always appear new girl's questions grew about how test (check) the "fast" white Virgin of the guy. The vigilance of the girls comes from safety needs in times rife with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Furthermore, it is also to the her from falling into the clutches of the "big players".

A social network that included the theme "men have the need to hold more Virgin or not" out to the table. And the results showed that more than 90% of the male members join for that men should keep virginity to respect yourself, respect for partners. Even a member longer in-depth analysis that, there are many reasons why men should keep virginity as: can help yourself avoid the regrettable consequences; the principal problem in virginity is in the alkaline compresses the desire itself, there's also a chance to work out man was his intent before the temptations of society. "Men should keep virginity because it will help her least delineate perfectly where is love actually, where is the personal desire"-this member concluded.

No donation to the big hammer, another Member just recounted the story in his class. While most people are few and the love of his life was to eat "forbidden fruit", the only one only one you South throughout the school year without a lover. Before the intention to trim the country's friends, he has serenely replies: "I have loved one then determines the person taking the wife. I have to keep because I know he would want me intact like I want her intact. Come together that have mutual respect, then make a long-lasting happiness ". Really this is the answer to many thoughts.

So could say keeping virginity of men is also important enduring woman. In the most simple aspect, it will make the question "If the consequence of the" eat "series continues to occur before there are only the girls respond Yes, the only victim is new?" always get satisfactory answers.=