Want to abandon the husband 'woman' but am I pregnant trót

I'm determined, if the pregnancy I will leave from him, so he stays on the child, not knowing so there should no?, pregnancy, marriage, family, ...

I am 34 year old, easier to see, and the song pretty strong personalities. That day, I was so naive, just know study and work most of the time, but many people learn but maybe they come not at. 25 years old I began to understand and think about love. I do not regard the poor rich or appearance of a man. He came to the party of my life quite unexpectedly, I must surely be fate should be met in a strange way.

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Should I get pregnant when want to divorce with her husband.

When I meet you, you still owe the money to study a lot. His appearance also didn't catch the eye because he was very low. I picked him because he's smart, skilled, living standards. More than that, he also proved to be a noble, a beauty of a man that I respect. And the important thing is that I love my afternoon, want to change themselves because of me.

Love rush that staggering lost as when it began to. Marriage unhappiness when we not step on the wedding night. I remember at the time, the wedding was broken and we are on the way to your room. He started to become someone else, not you again, like a woman than a staff rank. He began to blame, cursed to discharge, from things as find out that I am not happy about him, to the Organization of weddings.

He also reminds me of that affidavit, the wedding party is hosted by the son, the daughter is just, I don't have that opinion. Know how in heaven and other soil the stories I keep always the mouth from early morning until late night from day in and day out. I was wrong when the concept that when love, I should be off the harrowing of the ego to the opposition view can accept or not, but once did his wife who then I will endure and very gentle to even piling happy.

From then to now has 8 years I lived as a shadow party her husband alone. I do not know the salary of her husband, not to keep your money. My House, who like what you buy. I cooked the rice out invites, you don't eat that himself. The person who arranged rooms. We just shared a roof, a child. Every day, I hear you cursed him to discharge from the story of East to West. the last 8 years, I find every remedy for marriage without stars does change the status quo.

Also to admit that he was still living standards rather than the foursome poured wall. I have hobbies are playing with children, playing games, watching movies online and buy surfing discharged others cursed him after work to alleviate the pressures of life. His life only in small rooms it with how that activity rather than good communication with society.

I have repeatedly offered to bring my son to go, don't need you to pay for your child, just makes you then come visit any time I can, but I don't agree. (although when I get pregnant, I don't care to his wife and the fetus in the womb, the computer still paying does not cool. That time, I back are wing soup your loss of their loved ones). So, I live with you to be with me. If I had my husband go, you automatically will access law thanks to the end. The divorce also sure he'll win, I do freelance work should not prove to be the financial problems. While there, he was the senior staff of a multinational company and do Office hours should have time to take care of you.

My son is now 6 years old. His nephew, injected into the top of a lot of things to you you're not near my mother, distant parents. The food I cook for my son, he is not for you to eat. The night you sleeping child, not to lie with his mother. I want to kiss my mom but when there are three, I dare. You don't want to buy any items that I like to buy, then the parent will say is not for.

I don't want to say anything, to allay heart lesions and tinged with ink, I hope you will see things and understand her mother. You for your games room throughout the day and play with your child at any time in the home. You load off this game to another game to love. My son doesn't need mom and wrap three tangerines.

But I also respect the freedom of the children but still often restrain you for not being to live disorganized as the game I came swelling eye. 47 "screen that game sit close televisions as are sitting in front of the computer .  Now eat, you eat play with three rather than sitting in the dining table, I keep feeding my child even though I was 6 years old.

I'm out of the way and then back to film as hell famous, even beating the hot camera. And you collect my evidence to miss the event of divorce, the user (evidence is the time I go visit a doctor about Brain Science, or when taking children there were mistakes).

Because I have a very big and understand what should I have asked I problem in private. You said to me that "own Parents know the hurt anyone? The trade of the mother but wants to stay with three and enjoy playing with three because no one played with the ". I also now know clutching dolls and followed the three, you make enough as a clown to you smiles brightly sụa. I fear you deviations of gender . I did not dare you stripped away the happiness of the three parties.

Actually I know how lonely. Take my husband away, where I had no family, relatives or friends. I know I will lose you. Although still living with you, stress causing me to have to endure the intense headaches. Sometimes in my head does up the Convention that he is maimed for life and self I have when I wish he dies for complete debt.

So that in this case, I want a baby with him, though he doesn't want to. I determined, if the pregnancy I will leave from him, so he stays on the child, not knowing that should not? Think also of poor children born, but I am really longing for as long as you know. The marriage has prevented me bottles he stinks and I don't think the emotions will marry again. So I just want to have more children with me and to my son has blood brothers.

There are contradictions in me that I didn't know to do it right anymore. Need to know where is the wild life is wise, where is Ben shore, where is the countering gender disparity. My mind becomes glassy being too!=

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