Wedding night filled with the tears of the poor girl

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Get married, the idea will have the happiness and a wedding night fun party my husband, who, she encountered one of life's tragedies.

It's immeasurable suffering right in the day she became a bride, the wife of the man, he loves his sister earnestly.

I love you 2 years, about marriage, about the House. Right from the start, parents didn't agree her sister because the two families did not catch. But because I love my sister, determined to get his sister, fighting with my husband's family almost a year, in the end, she was my sister's wedding; the biggest organization, the village because the home boys enjoy doing preteen to me with dread, because her husband, she does not want she marginalized. But Italy map of husband and her husband's family she's completely different. Only she understands that, and you, can you not understand or deliberately do not understand.

2 years of love, she had to experience so many things. Until now, perhaps, his family also does not agree, but for ourselves, because people love, I accept this. The only hope, after about do strawberry, her and her husband's family will understand each other better. Hopefully, they will understand your situation and foot plate to accept her sister as people in the House. Anyway, emotional bond between two people can't talk well. Given the fate of her sister.

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Wedding night filled with the tears of the poor girl.

He is the guy who is back with the city, of course, parents would not agree to her, merely because you don't catch and did not meet the criteria of their daughter. She was also scared, afraid to step into the rich and once people have belittled themselves could not salvage.

Today about how the bride, after all the work done, you have to plunge right into the cleanup. How many sister alone, the family you make excuse, just sit there to rest and eight stories. I wasn't tired, but would anyone help my sister. They said that the daughter is doing it right. But, my sister just how much seating, goes a long way back to the cleanup effort would withstand. But no one told a story of her sister, no one protected at rest, all for her sister to move until exhausted.

The seemingly happy wedding night she's turned into a night full of tears. My mother sister spouse up room knocking, said two sisters counting down the envelope. Count how much my mother she said, give it to my mom, and then later both like goal then asked her mother. But then, her mother asked about a dowry. The mother told her husband not to see her sister's family for the gold at all, nor see who awarded gold in the wedding day. Just got home her husband was awarded the gold, while her sister found home.

Her mother said, ' poor thing knew it though, there you should go borrow or make Comin' out somewhere to cool the husband rather than who do eat it, they laughed in the face '. Hear her mother says, she's so upsetting. She explains that, difficult conditions, parents also should not you do not want to receive. What is my mother's sister's husband long pout said: "know the difficult and demanding climbs high".

All night, the wedding night and her siblings do not sleep, even for his encouragement, comfort. He dare not tell my mother lyrics, it is a bad signal, signal the marriage of her sister's unhappy if you keep living in this House. A family like that, how can you be happy. A family that how many people are disrespecting her, to her husband, her sister, also no fun. She cried out with tears for the wedding night, sister mercy far for his Department.

Don't know, decide to take you there right now but she saw confusion. The only hope in the place where her husband, I hope, her husband and her sister loved her, like, my sister has new motivation to continue to live in this harsh filled family ...=

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