What age was born in 1996, destiny?

According to the Branch, in 1996 is the age, sharing Ty

Know in 1996 is age-based Investment Branch, Pinyin is a system to help call the name of time (day, month, year, ...) in the lunar calendar, which is used in Oriental countries, including Vietnam. Accordingly, the name of the time is set by the turn the Can and with each other. There are 10 Genera, there are 12 and order as follows:

The order for the old Chinese Silk Nail Armor Can Renew A Quarter Century.

Order: Lynn Sweet Refugee Josiane Jayson Progressively Bad Smell Yameen Adil Dog Front.

The transplant Can turn with the genus, most Can but also Spending it Can the next cycle's first pair with the next most similar genus, the genus also Can then also get the first pairing with the Genus Can respectively. So, we are altogether 60 combinations (60 which is the least common multiples of 10 and 12)-this combination always begin and end with a line from You Pig.

By 1995, named for the old Pig, so 1996 will then be named the year of Xīn Ty (after the Earthquake is Hanyu, Adil is the end of round 1, Can switch to a different cycle, should begin by Ty).

In 1996 in the Marine Mission in marble

We have the formula destined: Can + Genus = Par.

In this recipe, the ingredients Can, and destined to be assigned the weighting (i.e. value).

The pair Can adjacent to each other (pinyin Yǐ-Armor-nail, Mao-Anniversary, soup-Tan, A-You) always get shared value. The value of Can in about 1-5, specifically:

Borders, Yi = 1, Pinyin = 2 Mau, 10th = 3

The broth, you grab a Tan = 4 = 5

Likewise, two genera associated (Ty-Suu, Gradually-Ronan-the year of the Horse, Jayson-Smell, Body-Yameen, Dog-Adil) also the same coefficient. The coefficient of the genus is from 0 to 2:

Ty, the Buffalo = 0, Pramod = 1 Year, Refugee = 2

Meridian Gate, the smell = 0, Month = 1, Adil Dog = 2

Born in 1996, sharing Ty, age is Simply destined to be launched.

Because marble has 5 elements, so the value of Destiny also varies from 1 to 5 as follows:

1 = Marine 2 = Needle 3 = Fire

4 = Saturn 5 = Moc

According to the formula specified mission: Born in 1996, sharing years of Bad news in mission: Pinyin + Ty = 2 + 0 = 2 = > Destiny Cards.

Also, to know exactly what the par Ty Kanwa news in 1996, we can investigate in the table corresponds to the name of the Mission is known, the year the Kanwa-Nail decals. The name in The respective destiny

Chinese Lunar New Year Nails, Ty

Gradually, Pinyin Mạng

Year, Đinh Tỵ

Bingwu, Nail The Smell

Hanyu, Ding Yameen

Chinese Dog, Pig Nail

Simplified Launched (Water spring slot)

Lu Central Fire (Fire in the oven)

SA Central Territory (Land sand mix)

Galaxy Hydro (water on Sun)

Paint the Lower Fire (Fire Mountain)

The snail Senators Territory (land of the roof)

According to the table, we see 1996 news age Simply mission Launched in Ty Pinyin, literally "water-spring slot".

The personality profile of age Ty

Optimistic, cheerful, people age Ty though in difficult circumstances still doesn't waver. They were always fighting for his life, and also very sensitive, intuitive, rich imagination. However, they are not good at what the decision logic.

Outside they seems dè Strasbourg, discreetly, but actually very easy to close, friendly and easy to have many friends. They also highly value their relationships with loved ones, friends. Sometimes, they can pry, or complaining. Often they love money and also good at making money.=