What especially in women without any guy want to lose?

Every once in a while-on very rare occasions – we will meet the woman of his dreams. It is always a surprise and almost never appear in a convenient moment in our lives, but anyway she appears and changes your life as positive, as it is very worthwhile to expect?

Please love and respect her, absolutely never let her go.

If you are lucky enough to find the women delivers enough 9 "qualities" special below-it is also great as a sunflower plant can bloom and brilliant standing on a barren desert-then the only things you need to do is go to love and cherish her absolute, never let her go.

1. She's smarter than you

Every man needs a woman smarter to help him overcome the difficult situations in life. People often say that behind every successful man there is a woman's silhouette-results are not wrong. Combined with a more intelligent woman into his life, you will feel life has purpose and direction are also more apparent.

2. She is a beautiful woman

I feel that today we insist too much on the beauty standard that is not fact and then always is the "rebel" against the concept put forth about the importance of beauty or beauty.

Therefore, the real beauty lies in the eyes of you-as long as you feel beautiful, she is lovely as your own definition is standard.

3. She is good and loves kids.

As a woman, the good qualities and loved the children are always watching.

As a woman, the good qualities and loved the children are always watching. Because there are now some people who did not want to have children. Women are born with the natural instinct of a mother, so if one day you want to start families, let's find out if she's sure that want to become and to become a mother of the child or not.

4. She's a vivacious

Life will become more difficult over time, sometimes you feel everything is extremely boring and monotonous. However, there is a dynamic woman, full of energy will add impetus to our life and make you feel happier.

5. She loves you with all her heart

When a woman is in love with the whole soul and heart of her then you must know to cherish her. Women have an uncanny ability, they can spend a perfectly nice things for the person they love. If you find a woman really loves you then you have found the largest gift in this universe.

6. She's willing to compromise

People often have the "trend" stubborn-both men or women are more like each other. We often want everything in the way that we like and expect them not to ever think of having to change, sometimes we also is not required to perform. There are problems in a relationship necessarily requires compromise.

However, the search for a woman who said the compromise is only half of the "battle" is best, you also have to calm if not everything is serious.

7. She's strong but feminine but also very

Men often are attracted by the strong superficial women inside a little feminine.

Each woman has a slightly different "taste", men often are attracted by the strong superficial women inside a little feminine.

8. She had a passion for life

A life full of passion is a life worth living. Passion exists in this way or another-between two individuals. A girl living there ideals and passion are often easy to attract the opposite sex.

9. She is the whole world of you

Sometimes we love a person beyond imagination and don't understand why. If you love a person that can not imagine your life would without her, you never allow yourself to lose her.

Often people don't realize the good things that other people for how they mean until they lose them. We always think that there will be another chance in front or maybe the two will reunite on one day. May be true, but on the contrary you can also will have to lose her forever.=