What should I do after divorce

Accept the truth

Accept the truth that you have had a marriage is not happy and lucky as many people around you. But, now that you've chosen to divorce do to put yourself to break out of that tragedy. So, you should not think too much about it. Remember that after the rain sun shining again.

Know where the door closed will have other better door open with you. Divorce is not bad. You are the one who divorces doesn't mean you deserve to hated cooking, laughing. Accept the truth and live with the right people.

Don't care what people think

People will say, spread rumors and will take you or old. It is evident that occurs after the divorce. Don't be too interested in these details, feel free to adjust things. Do what you feel is suitable even when it is not the most popular thing.

Let's live the life of their own

You have a marriage that lasted 5 years, 10 years. You just know the life because my husband because I forget myself. So now, let's you do something for yourself. Instead of gnawing sadness or pour more oil into rage, instead of ca and cam, afraid to go home alone, you think see should do to forget that feeling.

For example, on weekends, if you only know as before cooking served family now can go on holiday somewhere with friends. Instead of boring sad not eat, you see yourself those you like. Up to, you can also listen to his favorite music is. There is go visit friends or relatives visit, confided to someone. Do not try to squeeze the emotions and pressed herself to forget ourselves. Always love life though for what happened to you.

Take care of yourself

Whether you think the former husband (or later husband) is love in your life, you also do not forget that the most important relationship you have is yourself. Yourself should be the most important person to you. In the end, no matter what happened, what you want or you need more important than everything else.

Don't make yourself miserable with what has happened and also don't be too immersed in it. Please do the best you can in that situation, always be yourself, try to discharge stress whenever possible and you have to feel healthy. Maybe it is time very difficult but you believe that you can overcome all.

Take control of your financial situation

"One of the most dangerous thing I've ever done in my previous marriage was to former husband control of financial matters. The result is that he has hidden the money-lots of money and take control of my life. Currently I'm still recovering slowly on finance ". The advice here is that you should be independence and equality in financial matters with her husband whether or not you have a divorce.

Don't blame

One of the most important lessons from the divorce is the way to handle the problem. Responsible for the disruption it or blaming the enemy is how you choose. Blame themselves for not making everything much better, as it will spoil your mood. Blaming the other person is again a negative work.

Please take the time to review your feelings. Don't say anything when you're hurt or angry, think carefully before speaking.


Whenever you start smiling again at you really step into the process of wound healing. Once you have found the joy then nothing can stop you step down the path of recovery. Find joy in the work you do and everything will become better.

Plan what to do next

After the divorce, you will surely experience a period of "shock". Even many people my wife being killed, against chếnh for not knowing the refuge in the head. Instead of living your purpose, you take the initiative to plan for the upcoming years.

Such continued to go to work, more focus to your career, take care for the children, going to school is high school ... Bottom line is you prove yourself as independent human beings, can live happy lives in all circumstances.

Will not copy if occasionally you have to cry

The cure is not always smooth and convenient. Sometimes you will have to take 5 steps forward and then even you must undo 3 steps to deal with a crisis.

Okay, that is what you will face. Let's cry if you feel necessary just a woman trying to overcome these difficulties. You are a mother, you are not Superman and doesn't need to be perfect.

You don't need to be too dependent on men

There is no shadow of a man in your life is not a disaster. You can take the time to party friends, children. Take the time to develop your career. Eat whenever you like, view the movies you like. Don't assume that this is too negative. Simply you can still happily, freely without resorting to a man next to=