What the husbands want to but don't say

"I want to be cuddly, care"

Usually, the husband often stroked his wife when they love or want to fellatio. So many people think that only women like to be cuddly. In fact, men also have that needs no different females.

When not yet have children, many hardly noticed the couple regularly conversing, caress each other. Then the baby was born, suddenly, you realize that your wife seems to win most of the time and all the attention, spoil for, and little children ... forgotten husband. You suddenly wish to be his wife for the cuddly, something long you thought that it was the property of her own. At this time, with men is probably the interest, ask your wife even better bedding.

"He always effusive feelings, just as you do not know the way out stars"

Men were often attributed to women is the mind, feelings, cold. That may be true for some men. But they still want to implicitly understand women this is not characteristic of all men.

In fact, life is always encourage men to know suppress his emotions, keep yourself always the strong, silent to become solid prop for weak.

"Please do your duty round ... in bed!"

Psychology of women is quite complex, sometimes they are too tired to life many worry they sometimes trapped depression should also not interested bedding. That demand was "loved" by the often stronger men of women very much. When only men want it but not tricky women in refusing her husband will be extremely disappointed.

Bedding relations can also be considered as a work in your timeline. Of course you also have loads of other things to do in that list. Let's know everything balanced. If you do not have enough health and time is should never do it. Therefore, it should be placed in certain positions to be a priority in your plan. Sometimes also need this special duty scrambling to bring new emotions for both.

"I want to have time for yourself and your friends"

All day men busy for family economic worry. At tan ca do, yet they want to about the right that often like to gather your friends drink a refreshing beer or SIP the cup of coffee and talk about life. Let them have the needs of this very plausible. In the beginning every man always had the image of a little boy. It's still giddy, still want freedom, gathered friends. If you leave it a little freedom, it will become a better man.

The Little Mermaid instead call the phone constantly called my husband about, asking my husband where, do what I want. This is also the time for them to have their own fun time. And when the two men met again returns weren't going to even more fun.

"Let's do the mother of your son is enough"

When in love and married, men become more mature, have a responsibility to yourself, the more family. Can say women have turned a boy become a man. But there are many who do reverse that process, they considered her husband as children who need to be managed, Lok enough. If men speak up "demand freedom", women will feel what I try to do because he's useless ...

"I want to share dreams, ambitions, interests and perspectives of their own without overreacting"

In fact, men are always so many things to say to your lover, your wife, but they often hesitate and retained in the Palm. Why is that? The cause also just by they fear facing the onslaught of emotions from women.

Even wanted to give his remarks about the outfit you wear does not fit, you lack the organizational skills ... they also often worry about your response when listening to the commentary. By the fact shows most women are quite sensitive, emotion-rich before all situations, especially when criticized.

There are also cases of ingenious man devised the most subtle way to express its opinion before a sensitive issue. Song they dare not sure I have the right to receive the emotional storms will point to the object from which they speak or not. Therefore, they choose silence for safety.=