Why men like 'old girl'?


Sexual proportion with age

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The "old" girlfriend is always full of confidence. Source: getty images.The "old" girlfriend is always full of confidenceĀ Can for example is Jennifer Aniston (41 years old), Penelope Cruz (35 years), Angelina Jolie (34), Eva Longoria (34) ..., the "old girl" sexy world. Do have confidence, humor laugh says, they always intrigued people opposite. Their name is printed on the posters with millions of dollars.Many men really think, women need not bother to wrinkles. After some time, the footprints of birds will slowly appear. But it doesn't make the beauty diminished that bring the woman know how laughter, and there will be someone who regarded her as hard his treasure. A delicate woman, always finds pride in yourself, this is the most attractive thing.

On the bed, a 30 year old women know how to do it best, know how to praise, to know how to make men must suffocate. The way her legs moving in bed or how exposed skin between the body, not the 20 year old daughter can do.

(In Vietnam)=

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