Wife adultery and abortion oan harsh!

When recounting this story, like the storm in my heart. I cannot doubt, a man like me that was my wife dumped for all time without knowledge.

I am 35 years old this year, is currently head of corporate business specialised in electronics-electronics. I have a wife and a daughter 5 years. Poor me I was 6 years old, working in the cultural district.

Life marriage of husband and wife I am pretty fluted, my wife is nimble, resourceful, making sure are. Outside of work, she is closer to revenue bodies, take care my father out. I'm also not the man does not know to share chores with his wife, on the contrary I always help her ass, I love my wife, my children, always wanted her to have more time to rest and take care of myself.

However, due to the particularities of work, or I have to travel far from home. I know because I suffered disadvantage, the more I pity her. However, my wife always comforted me, trying, she is for her husband to me assured career development. Listen, I touched and grateful to see his wife, lucky he Sun has to me is my wife.

One day, when I'm working on the company, you call me, hear the voice of her fun, excitement, she says "I have voted, and then I finished testing the new husband, glad too to call her husband now" I'm happy, but not the first father but I do love the kids, my daughter is 5 years old , this was the time of the match to add baby anymore.

From the day my wife pregnant, pregnancy and children go to see, I love. Every day, just doing my home is melting, remove get drunk foaming beer, as before. I'm about helping you fool, the water of the rice home. Our nest for happiness, like peace until one day, I discovered a work activity.

That night, while sleeping, then I suddenly startled awake, turned to hug his wife, does not see her. I think silently, make your wife go to the bathroom, I fear me alone every one bottle should pop up.

See the bright lights, toilet only self contained, I call ups door then suddenly hear me, you are talking the phone with someone. This late also call for one, I go light, ideally Nestled close to the listeners. Inside, the voice thẽ thọt: "my husband doesn't know where, you don't worry, he's good, the child care they themselves, but I missed you too, I never see you again?".

My wife horny plug that I don't know (artwork)

I can't believe my ears, what's going on, my wife is cheating on me. Her affair outside to get pregnant and then I pour the shell. I'm in pain, but also angry to go crazy. Hot blood in people picking up, I just want to hit for her man this loan a mausoleum, then chased her along with the other violent street crime that immediately.

I pedal, bathroom door turn out. My wife startled the device down, synthetic plastic pistol grip she stuttered, "not you, ... I heard stars ". Lack of snooze as I rammed her a battle, but the thought of abortion, I try to restrain myself.

Now that night, I missed out the living room sat smokers, while my wife, she just knelt just crying in her bedroom. I don't know what to do now? I never accept a woman damaged, but if divorced now, she will live, people will evaluate how ... How many questions for horizontal ngổn in the head. Can anyone tell me, what to do at this time?=