Wish you well ... chest to foot, too long.

(Phunutoday)-wish you well to chest, legs, long, well ... you'll also nude, and then trotted out to become ... CELEBRITY.

Glass Top is famous thanks to his chest crisis

Glass Top

Send my sister, who was very popular with the title star. I don't write these words capital sent to her, but don't understand why did you decide to write it. But not to "throw stones", or agreed. That simple, just a word of the very truth of a daughter who is not lucky. I'm not lucky to be owning foot long hypnosis man, or a ring like my sisters. And that was the cause makes you become poor, white trash, and poor. I'm just an ordinary girl, was born in a poor family. Want to get rid of poverty I had to learn, and then children quizzes national economics University in Hanoi. I'm still constantly striving, and off the field with a good degree. I can speak English fluently, I have knowledge, knowledge about society, where you always feel confident about themselves. I also have a job to do, while many of your friends you are still unemployed. Many child you see I admire, because at least find a job for herself. But I noticed, if compared to the older sister, I don't what is.

Elly Tran


  Elly Tran is famous thanks to his chest crisis

Children born in 1988, the year I was 25 years old. So that after 17 years of book lights plying, you only earn a salary of 7 million per month. This amount I have to partake in the seven-part, sending lumber home for mom, part rent accommodation, a dining section, and the accumulation of capital to do, ... Hence, to spend enough for a month, I dare only used clothes market goods, cosmetics, I limit the maximum. I also limited both the exchanges, meet friends, ... in order to save costs. In times of inflation, something also increased much, but too little salary increase. And then you compare yourself with the stars Free. Have you just by age children, last year also, lifetime 8 x 24-25 years, so that the sister had all. There are home, have a car, you have the reputation, and was generally welcomed, the Photo Hunt always rife on the network message page, ...

Ngoc Trinh is famous thanks to both white and measurements


Ngoc Trinh

If comparison of knowledge, I think there is nothing inferior to the older sister. But one thing I'm not with you, it's because I'm not chest to foot, I did not, and so you become poor and the poor white trash. They're your friend when there is occasion to sit together still often say that price as his legs, his chest as longer, maybe I will. No need to study, no need to try anything, just shooting some nudity, or even a few swimsuit pics to show off the chest, ass, ... is can get movie contracts, contract advertising, and earning money in millions as play. As Ms. Elly Tran such, beauty also in the normal academic, then I think that just like me, but because of the chest to, should she become hotgirl. Famous not only in Vietnam, but also Korean, Chinese, ... Yes. Or as my sister Thuy Top. The age range for children only, though slightly short legs, but the back titties, also known as alcohol. Then press the shuttle, then Hunt had a contract to film, then study, ... sometimes to readers not to "forget", she launched another bikini photo sets to "Breeze". Ms. Ngoc Trinh, thanks to white, small waist, big chest, ... which also become Miss. Press in and outside the shuttle, then Hunt had the car to go. That's not present, the test together the beautiful breeze chest, ass. Despite the press every few minutes has an article reflecting how eating wear of stars Free keep constantly trotted out to be famous. Have people not to pump the chest for to, for beauty, to breeze. Perhaps they know that, this is the fastest way to turn an ordinary person, not to have any contributions to the entertainment industry can be called into ... a sparkling star sky entertainment.

Because after a few shocking pictures collection for the community network will be the lucrative movie contract, and become celebrities, people of the public. I think, there are actors too "favor" for them?. Or the Director is also nice ... chest to?. Wish you well to chest, legs, long, well ... you'll also nude, and then trotted off to become celebrities. Do CELEBRITIES now easy?. Thanh Thanh (former SV KTQD University)     [links]=