You don't want to marry a girl that just wants to have a baby

I was shocked to hear his girlfriend suggested so. More than 2 years in love, and she has a relationship as husband and wife. In my heart thought wait time will make the wedding because she is a woman very good and rewarding to me as his wife. I do not think that his girlfriend has distinct thoughts to same.

We have been together 2 years now. She poorly I 2 years, lovely, gentle wisdom, have stable jobs. From October to now love, I've never had anything not happy about you girl. She came home I play very well was the family I love. Also because of the favourable conditions it that me and her went to the limit. Last week I came to her play and stay (because me and her to stay away from each other more than 30 tree by other agencies to work).

I figured marriage but because of the thought that year I would be making this spot, yet very stable. Moreover, my girlfriend is also yet to come in beautiful age should I expect to this year will hold. My girlfriend from my time-share once prompted me to it. I saw her life, life is not the elderly should also not heavy it is also easy to understand. Thus, I asked her more about this.

She said did not want to marry that just want to love.

1 month ago, I said excuse me, she would come home to my parents to the wedding and questions please always. My girlfriend didn't really disagree. She said didn't want to marry that just want to love. She didn't like the scene must do his wife, make strawberry, suffered something bound, duty, duty. Many people that is happiness, is a recipe for life but with her is not.

At first I thought his girlfriend had someone else should find pretext repudiation but not so. She still loved me, my side at all times, everywhere. She said that if I am forced to get married then she ask me a child rather than don't do my wife.

Now I'm confused too. I thought I love her sincerely, endearing family also, marriage, should charm is naturally. Now she does not want to marry, just want to have a baby, how should I do. I loved her but could not marry.

If I give her a son, in love with her again then after this I fear that that's hard to forget her. So then a fault with my wife. But if now not agree for a child, then I'm sad, again she stick with her long, just want to have a drop of my blood to feed.

I am confused, what should I do?=