Your favorite color say about you?

What color do you like? White, black, red or orange, brilliant young? They say something about your personality? Purple lover could live inside? Learn together!


White represents purity, in white, naive, is the color of youth. If was slightly ... There are old, the white preferred to see you expect perfection and things not thought-can be considered here is the attempt to find the lost youth. Or, you want a simple life.


Is the color of health and energy, red is often chosen by people who are extroverted, aggressive, powerful and impulsive-or like to his personality. Love the intense life, people like red optimistic, ambitious, much as actinodaphne ellipticbacca grabbed, but also willing to try to get the things you want. With openness, no hassle, very easy for them to judge others and thrown to. They are not the kind of inner life, so may not be aware of its shortcomings. When bad things happen, they may be blaming others.

People quietly but like red can feel in need of warmth, like to source the power that color red bring; or is hiding his true feelings under calmly looks on.

Dark brown

Dark brown color is often preferred by those who are struggling but life has passed. The tough talk has helped them become generous and Nice. People who like dark brown can be considered a more "mature" version of people like red. Through difficulties, they have ... the more Groove than adults.


People like Brown have good stamina, patience, don't mind difficult obstacles. Reliable, steady and thoughtful, often they are sturdy shoulder to others. However, the downside of their personality is bigotry, conservatives, sometimes slightly lacking in finesse.


Pink shows the more gentle qualities of red, symbolizing the love and affection but not intense. Who likes pink aspires to be protection, special care and a warm roof smoothly. They require others for yourself more emotional, like to be loved and safe. Who likes the color pink look graceful and gentle, even fragile, fragile.

Your favorite color says about your personality? (Artwork)


Orange is the color of the young age, the strength, the courage, curiosity and hyperactive. Luxurious and playful colors usually associated with sexual desire, personality brilliance. They and the socialite is known. In General, people love a good Orange, but they tend to do too. They can have a little bit of infirmity and hesitation, when many try hard to please the other person.


Is the color of happiness, knowledge, wisdom and imagination-all things related to the mind. Gold was chosen by those who desire knowledge, always in search of novelty and improve themselves. This color usually come with radiant personality, sharp, funny and good business. Clear thinker, lofty ideals, who like yellow clear his mental capacity. Sometimes, they tend to escape responsibility, because like the freedom to think and act.


Is the color of balance, harmony, green symbolizes hope, renewal and peace. People like green leaves are usually gentle, sincere, straight. They headed for the community, of the peace vi-like peace at all cost. However, they also tend to spontaneously shake themselves, too patient, humble and so may be others taking advantage.

Green Sun

Soft, pleasant, attentive and sympathetic, the sky is the color of caution, diligence, and responsibility. Patience, sensitivity, dedication, perseverance and know self control themselves, people like blue sky are others fans due to his wisdom and stability. They are loyal, but too careful and or anxiety. Bollywood blow Sun might cause them to doubt.


Purple lover independent, witty and sensitive, can be somewhat difficult. They strongly desire to be unique and different. Often, capital openness, love art, tolerant and decent, but when being misunderstood, people like purple can become cold, crocheted ironic.


Caution, know in favour of concessions and diligence, who like Brown looking for peace, quiet, often hard work without pay. They preferred the less transformation, life downs. As a young man, who like Brown can do yoga and ride his personality. They tend to do more than play, often possessing good business ability.


Dignified, impressive without undue fanfare, who like black wanted his skin really mysterious. However, this hobby can indicate that they must ride the desire and great goal shows hidden depths in Bollywood.=