2 types of clothes make women less charming

With these items, you just need to pay attention a little bit, you will be in a sensitive situation, you will not be satisfied.

Tight shirt

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Miss Phuong Khanh scored with a simple yet fashionable set when going to the airport. In the minimalist black tree, Miss Hau added the luxurious features to set with Gucci belts and outstanding black-white motifs; but unfortunately, the tight black shirt was too thin, making the inside inside clear, although Phuong Khanh had cleverly chosen a thin nude color bra design but could not prevent it from being visible through the thin coat.

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Ngoc Trinh also fell into the same situation. The tight black crop top with a slightly glossy fabric makes the inner contour printed clearly. Just because the bra contour is clear, but Ngoc Trinh's set of clothes, even with personality style, is less good.

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The black looks good, the thin, white T-shirt that Ky Duyen uses menswear fashion must have caused many red people to blush when they realized the most sensitive part of her chest against the fabric.

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HH Huong Giang has also been countered by her own bra. Obviously, she did not choose the design too thin, but the huge chest mold caused the shirt to relax quite a lot, the chest of the shirt was stretched and exposed to the chest patch of many people.

Note when wearing tight shape:

- Do not choose too thin material, brush fabric should have sufficient elasticity.

- People who have a burning round 1 should be careful when wearing.

- Choose thin lingerie (use internal medicine) to avoid contour printing through the coat.


Speaking again and again quite a lot, but there are many people encounter sensitive situations when wearing legging pants.

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Vu Ngoc Anh used to cause fans to be heart-wrenching with a set of nude colors, which she wore down the street. I have to know how to wear clothes to the street. Fortunately, Ngoc Anh skillfully selected shooting angles to not be sensitive.

Vu Ngoc Anh seems quite interested in showing off her legging. Going to the airport, she was not afraid to face the tight black tree in which designing legging usually only wore in the gym, she was able to go out, not yet received the compliment about the physique Vu Ngoc Anh was discussed about the set of pieces not suitable.

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Long legs of Mai Phuong Thuy are more and more endless thanks to the design of black mix legging and black shoes. Safe with a black tree, but the set of Hau's clothes still has errors. Legging pants are inherently like that, yet she wears the same short shirt so it's easy to reveal the sensitive part.

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Important note when wearing tight gear like legging:

- Absolutely not choose nude color.

- Do not combine pants with short or sexy designs like crop top, two-piece shirt . because it is easy to reveal sensitive areas.

- Do not wear leggings like a regular pants ie not wearing street wear, not wearing a t-shirt .

- The best way to wear legging: Combine with long sleeves over your hips

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