4 incidents rúng dynamically revealing showbiz 2014

someone is deliberately, there is inadvertent, 2014 is rife with revealing incidents caused consternation with the public., Huong giang, HA you idol, openings, nostalgic tram, offensive ...

Nostalgic Tram

With a lot of excessive short dresses were cooking before, Tram Huong finally experiencing Tay Sun when wearing daring cutting-cutting but a lack of aesthetics when choosing the wrong medicine. The map revealing to eye aches, especially when it is not showing the beauty of the wearer.

With this outfit, Nostalgic Tram were fined 10 million and ban took place 3 months in Hanoi.

Ha Anh

If your issue is due to the Tram Huong unintentionally, lacks the aesthetic, then the problem of English is the Netherlands deliberately. Super model was wearing a map is not acceptable in a fashion program, to be broadcast on national radio.

Before that, in General, not that this short dress like that. But Ha he actively edit the map. The result is the leg span of she did expose the sensitive part of the body, causing the audience to sit under the Sun.

HA I was fined for the service. However, she did not repent, but also a very cavalier attitude expressed through Facebook personal page.

Andrea Aybar

Just like the British outfit, Ha cut her famous Western model rips showbiz was dressed in a very proactive way. More active again is deliberately shaping Adrea to Breeze off the body, then shooting the breeze with the fan.

However, Adrea isn't punished for dress wear only in the music.

Huong Giang Idol

Female singer moved about regularly dress sexy to her dance music with. So sooner or later, the incident is also the dress of course. In a program at the bar, even the breast Cup jumsuit, Huong Giang Idol jumping too "sung" should loose on one side of the chest, expose perfectly round in front of hundreds of spectators.

Huong Giang then rushed to cover the hands and blew off long hair to the side to "fire". Yet her chest exposed photo, but has promptly been unleashed onto the network.=

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