4 lovely harmony bear shape in Zhao's trousers

skinny Pant suit, also bears a lovely style trousers stand will style than when is folded several times., jean, the skinny, the space shuttle, page, San ...

A lovely Teddy bear

Applies to: jeans tight, long up to about the ankle. This lovely model not only makes you look more youthful, more stylish but also very effective in case she wanted to show off my favorite pair of shoes. In particular, don't forget the lovely bears when you bring the horizontal strap sandal.

How: Fold each pipe pants up about 3 cm. Avoid folding too high, by when it looks like you'll be washing or wading legs.

Lovely couple bears

Applies to: jeans, Khaki or stand pipes. This is also a great option if the tube is too long compared to the pants legs.

How: fold up a bear about 4-5 cm long, flat claws phiu. Then, add one or two more times, depending on the length of the pants.

Lovely bear tucked in side

Applies to: jeans tight lycra material phase, i.e. the type of soft jeans, rather thin, have elasticity. This is the useful remedies for the rather long pants that you don't want to cut the bears.

How: Fold each pipe about 3-5 cm as usual and then use iron to corrugated. Then, that bear on the folded side of the true vocal folds and ironing again.

Lovely bear improvisation

Applies to: jeans wide dusty tubes (boyfriend jeans). This Pant style fits well with the lovely couple approach bears.

How: to fold up a piece of pipe about 5-7 cm long, to behold the natural flare rather than flat claws. Then fold the border bears out. The two sides need not bear equally. How to create different fold as reflecting personality, looks generous.=

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