5 bugs wearing funny sisters stuck on summer

These costumes usually summer days there are fragile, cool design to suit the weather. This characteristic makes sometimes major fashion hot season become "knife blade" with the wearer.

Just a little carelessness or lack of dexterity, sisters has become himself funny mistakes dress "taboos".

Photos of young girls on the offensive prompted passersby to shaking his head and tired ngẩm.

Here are some note dress to avoid help "half the world" became a charming summer girl, beautiful:

To internal medicine openings

When wearing coat two wires, armpit, Austria crank, sister must be extremely mindful of choosing compatible medical cabinet. The seemingly very simple thing this song still more people. In this case, the opposite can evaluate you luộm thuộm and even funny.

To avoid the error of this basic dress look to wireless, lined shirt chest patch when wearing the style fad.

Costumes that will "take point" If you can't find a compatible medicine cabinet.

The internal medicine inadvertently reveals Lady becoming less charm in the eyes of people around.

How to handle two wire coat of Hồ Ngọc Hà.

The dress is too short

When the weather is hot, people usually tend to look to the outfit to make it cool and pants/skirts is one of them. However, wearing pants/short skirt how to not offensive is exactly what that sisters need.

Remember, reasonable-length dress is covered mechanicals are the round 3 anytime anywhere. In fact, there are no known sister like to play or because of exceptional a cause yet another super short pants worn indifferent to reveal both the "table is located" down the street.

In this case, the beautiful and sensual yet find that they must get on the no look of sympathy from people around.

Wear the jeans weren't made sisters become more sensual.

Should carefully dresses too thin

Up to date back-up the thin material, such as tulle, lace, silk, cool has always been my favorite in the summer. However, this easy to push my sister into poor situations without the subtle charm of stitch selected internal medicine.

Not only having trouble with thin coat, "half the world" should be careful in getting dressed up. A hug too thin and easier to expose the ugly marks.

American actress Lan Phương each error with slim skirts.

The Scorpions late danger pants

Trousers and jacket short or delay the Scorpions crop top look beautiful and seemingly safe, but in fact they are risky. People wear sometimes just moving slightly, standing up sitting down as slid ugly situations.

Nice song, but delay the Scorpions pants they always contain many hidden dangers.

To limit this problem, my sister should choose trousers have the Scorpions just enough or if using the Scorpions late pants should wear a shirt plugging the barrel or the shirt designs.

Fat belly, do not squeeze the channel openings with Austria.

Open waist shirt (croptop) is one of the favorite fad type of the sisters in the summer. With varied designs, croptop can build image sexy pictures and even dynamically depending on the preference of the wearer.

However, my sister should remember, this shirt is only really promote the beauty if the employer has the neat, toned tummy, so the belly fat men women should ignore the intention to wear this fad.

The openings of the channel will be "buried slamming" disaster if the wearer has the men belly fat.

HA I get many compliments with this beautiful waist breeze.=

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