6 mixed metallic shoes made became the ' cost '

With the morning catch of cork floating colors turn before the crowd, the pair of shoes metallic but exquisite splendor but also quite "difficult". There are quite a lot of private principles compliant when the sisters merge map if not want beautiful shoes become the "home side".

Trend metallic (metallic) though appear to have quite long but only one, two years this new shoe fad really "do rain wind" in all over the catwalk. Trendy girl of summer 2015 will not forget the ownership in the lockers a sparkling metallic shoes.

Metallic shoes were the star family favorites hordes.

The application of metal can be applied to many types of shoes different designs. However, they all have one thing in common is very know how to shine and attract the attention of people around at the sparkling arrogance feet. By then, well there's always the principle subterranean sisters need to know when the distribution map of the same metallic shoes to get the look of fashion, attractive.

Don't let foot skin too dark in color

Color light will help the overall dress flashes brighter and more prominent. But it's absolutely not warm colors "leather flattering" for the Little Mermaid has a unique chocolate skin. If you want an sparkling metallic shoes, brown skin girl so thanks to the help of a thin skin of all classes.

Don't let metallic application "shake" your skin.

Do not use more cumbersome accessories

Featured metallic shoes were enough to do the beautiful accents for the master map. You do not need to wear more excessive jewelry or accessories to "score points". Taking too much flashiness accessories in this case will only make those around you feel glitzy and shiny brass.

Let your metallic shoes shine.

"Contraindications" with clothes too fancy

The two dominant colors of the shoe metallic silver and gold light the light is. Silver shoes with the white, purple, red, colors, blue, black. The black, red, white would be the ideal choice to combine in the same light gold shoes.

Silver shoes and jeans, red handbags bring girls young, bright appearance that is not too flashy.

Supplies everything from watches to jewelry, handbags, dresses are so minimalist to do turn up the shimmering, iridescent of the shoes. More sober tones "fight chan chat" will make your appearance looks less into more than a lot.

More metallic jewelry processing

Overall the appearance of you only need one, two bright spots that attract your attention is enough. Don't be an excessive metallic jewelry if you don't want to turn her into the "portable lamps" dazzling eyes.

Only the application on metallic shoes were enough to do the appearance of you always stand on the city.

Mix together a uniform color

Metallic colors itself catch light was enough to make your costume overall becomes radiant. Matching shoes metallic bronze color with clothing is the way you make beautiful shoes become focal points with the opposite impression.

Metallic shoes will delete tan frequently boring impression in the costumes of a color.

Note with metallic shoes have the strapping around the ankle

A pair of silver shoes clinch on an ankle or foot midi skirt short skirts the same classic is the perfect choice for a long slender legs. However, the sparkling straps wire section is also very easy to create the "segments" and on the length of the legs. The sisters have modest height should select the best metallic shoes without the strapping around the ankle, nose and pointed to create elegant looks, gently.

Belt section around the ankles are always very striking and the attention.

It just really fit with the small, slender legs.=

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