9 accessories never fad errors

the new year started well at you need to refresh your wardrobe investment, for the necessary items and use are long over., accessories, leather bag, fashion bug ...

Crossbody leather bag

A bag Crossbody black leather spiked studded, smooth stones or color attachments with unique structure will immediately make your outfit more perfect.

Crossbody leather bag very universal application

The waist piece

The belt pieces can be worn in any style. You can wear the same outfit belt rock ' n ' roll with skinny jeans and leather jackets or gentle, romantic style maxi dress, or simply creating the focal points for the shape of his long sweater.

You can wear belts outside the sweater to create focal points for waist


If you don't like it or not, the wool hats with a hat by the evening will be the choice of fashion . Hats with seagrass material very suitable summer sea voyage.

The hats can come with many different outfits

Biker boots-dusty boots

Pair of black leather boots not only fit the grunge outfit dust which can be combined with the simple outfit – jeans and t-shirts or thin skirt smooth melodies.

Combined boots black tree with extreme quality

Textured scarf

Don't want to smooth its colour outfit too tedious, but have yet to find a really textured comments? You can easily add a Riding Hood in textured scarf for cold days or tie the scarf around the waist to create a towel covered plate for bikini outfit.

Textured towels create focal points for single color outfit

Long necklace

The necklace is long, easy pieces that can be combined together to create a focal point for your costume. Combined rings with different lengths to complete the costume.

Long necklaces are accessories suitable for many styles

Skin color high heels

Whether you are going by the style does a skin color high heels shoes are indispensable items in the closet. Customize your own style that you can choose a simple color smooth pair of shoes or a pair of shoes with fancy designs.

Shoes with red soles boats throughout the simple yet unique

Sunglasses rimmed spots

Sunglasses don't just stop at the protection for the eyes that had become an expensive fashion accessories for you. Instead of the boring black rimmed glasses, try to choose a sunglasses rimmed with spots more personality.

Sunglasses make your outfit more fashion

Sandals gold metallic

A pair of sandals always need items in your suitcase. Choose a pair of sandals to yellow piece of wire can be combined with any outfit.=

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