A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

In the yellow dress, it was high, H'Hen wrote the name of the yellow table: How about the other girls, let's see how they are in this kind of dress!

The yellow dress with a daring cut line at the skirt body, the high-cut line at the foot and the soft, charming, flowing Ao Dai has become a distinct highlight compared to the entire competition. performed in HHHV Semifinals 2018 if someone reminded me about it.

Picture 1 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs
Picture 2 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

In the design of a sexy yellow dress with the top part of the dress, H'Hen Nie's performance in the biggest beauty arena on the planet has caused audiences to see a lot, many admits to watch it. Review this demonstration of H'Hen Niê.

And not only once, a lot of times after that, whenever H'Hen wears this sexy, delicate design, it is also praised by the media or fans. Because I thought that gold was only suitable for those who had bright white skin, but whoever was present on H'Hen's body, her very own brown skin was an effective tool to help her record her mark. perfect statue and shine.

From the glorious victory of H'Hen Niê then combined with the times when she was honored in the top stars, she was beautiful because the bright yellow dress designs sawed so high and so far as never before had the cooling down. The dress designs are inspired by the beauty of the female guardian symbolizing the strong but extremely seductive, which is also a series of Missing face events to make the tool shine, occupy the spotlight.

Picture 3 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

Typically as recently when presenting in an event, Huong Giang made fans panic by the supernatural when the design of yellow dress saw high legs showing off slender legs and then cut out this place full of danger, However, Huong Giang still kept shining despite the glances. In order to coordinate the accessories, the transgender girl used only metallic high heels and big earrings. The chain, the pendulum ring, is all-in-one to avoid making the whole body cumbersome.

Picture 4 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

With a slender physique, it is extremely popular with trendy styles of the season, so with a strong attraction, the designs have yellow color and then embrace the people who cut the high end of the world very much. However, every time as well, she did not disappoint her fans. Not only because of the beautiful design, but also the uncompromising beauty of Huong Giang, it is so bright when it comes to this style. In fact, the plus point helps the back-to-back girl achieve 10 points from the subtle combination of hairstyle, shoes and accessories to make an outfit as perfect as possible.

Picture 5 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

The next beauty in this design too attracts the eye from the Brown Water Runner. With her beauty, her physique and her fashionable ability, Mau Thuy is a formidable opponent in this dress battle. Obviously with a height of more than 1m8, with the body of people who love, Mau Thuy easily conquers this sexy dress design whether it is sewn on any material whether it is chiffon or silk is the easiest to show off. .

Picture 6 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

Another beauty also used to remember when the divine design of H'Hen Niê gold dress was none other than Lan Khue supermodel. With typical brown skin like H'Hen or Mau Thuy, Lan Khue also shines in a very unique way. The 92-year-old beauty was appreciated by every elegant step that made the dress more impressive and charismatic. Combined with curly hair style brushed on one side and the wrong part of a hand on the other hand is like a robe, it is not exaggerated to say that Lan Khue is gorgeous like a true goddess.

Picture 7 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

Ha Thu once scored an absolute score for international fans when the representative of Vietnam at Miss Earth 2017 appeared splendidly in a high-slung gold evening dress by designer Le Thanh Hoa. The wings are designed simply but softly, soaring, especially using bright yellow colors to catch the eyes of Ha Thu really shine and do not get stuck when appearing among other beautiful forests.

Picture 8 of A high-cut yellow skirt shows off its long legs

Runner-up Huyen My also made a strong impression with the design of endless yellow thighs choe in the launch day of the contestants at Miss Grand 2017. Few areas are streamlined, plus clever cutting techniques It helps the dress to honor thoroughly the sexy curves of Huyen My. The shining moment of a beauty born in 1995 on an international red carpet made many people unforgettable.

Although every beauty who wears this beautiful gold dress design is also praised for her beauty, the right physique 'every one looks, ten percent ten'. And who is the most beautiful figure in this design in the fierce dress battle will probably come from personal recognition and evaluation from the fans. However, no matter how beautiful a person is, he or she cannot overcome the aura that made H'Hen Niê's eternal victory at that time.

Before many trends in vignette and color, gold is still one of the colors that occupies many women's feelings. The golden color trend is transformed into a series of many designs to help her youthful and light skin. Women can choose dresses according to their own preferences.

In addition to bodysuit designs, fish tail dresses, the endless high-slit dress is also a fashion item that is sewn on bright gold material. This design not only helps beautiful people to be in shape but also show off their slender long legs with their own unique skin.

But the yellow color itself is so prominent that when combining accessories or other colors, it is necessary to keep it all up to avoid flashiness. One of the most interesting suggestions is that when dressing up with gold, it is the harmony between accessories and costumes. The whole outfit is all-yellow but with a certain amount of light and darkness, it will definitely give you the most eye-catching and impressive overall possible.

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