Afraid of wearing pink and purple cheesy, you can learn Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc how to choose clothes

It is no coincidence that white, black or elegant tones have always become the first choice of the sisters when shopping for any costume. Because besides the easy-to-wear element, these tones do not require you to have an in-depth fashion knowledge to wear beautiful.

In contrast, purple pink tones, while striking, are suitable for the feminine beauty of women but are considered gaudy and cheesy. Even if you do not know how to conquer these colors, the wearer will turn himself into a fashion disaster.

However, in fact, many beauties Vbiz have ever "weighed" the pink or purple dreaming perfectly. Among them, perhaps will be a great omission if you ignore Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc - discerning lady specializing in "treating" chests.

Slender physique resonates with the ability to coordinate more and more hands, it's easy to understand why the beauty "Very old lady" successfully conquered purple, pink with many different styles from youthful to dynamic sexy or even personality, cool.

1. Conquering the pink tone momentum

The whole jumpsuit is pink, but Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc does not cause anyone to look uncomfortable because she has skillfully dispersed her focus on the bold cut design of the outfit. Besides, the stylized ao dai also contributes to enhance the beauty and splendor for the appearance but not cheesy.

Still a brilliant pink outfit, but this time Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc got close with the fluttering chiffon skirt before and after. And what is suitable to transform into a princess without using sweet pink. The fitting outfit helps the movie "Endless field" show off her slender shoulders, long legs and looks full of vitality.

Going out to the street with an elegant but equally youthful tree, the actress chose the color scheme according to the pink + white formula, adding neutral tones to soften the breeze. So just a shirt and wide-legged pants, a little more draped in a shirt with a gray cardboard cartoon pattern, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc was able to transform a stylish standard.

Out of personality to be gentle and courteous, 9X beauty befriended an innovative long dress to thoroughly respect her beautiful physique. Once again, despite wearing rose trees, Lan Ngoc showed her extremely stylish dress when choosing a stylized shirt with a shoulder cut like blowing more modern breath into a traditional outfit.

2. Wear beautiful dreamy purple tones

Coming to purple tones that easily dull the skin, Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc chooses a sexy and trendy way to show off her ever-increasing stature. The outfit with a combination of purple - black cards, with the highlight is a super big bow behind the back that brings the image of the lady and the extravagant image for "Old girl".

Thanks to the minimalism and elegance of the black tone, the dreamy purple color is no longer cheesy. On the contrary, this combination is extremely eye-catching and impressive.

The most important rule when wearing the whole purple tree is to abstain from using colorful accessories to avoid becoming heavy and idyllic. And Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc has successfully applied this formula when coordinating a chiffon dress with a pair of very simple silver sandal.

Besides black tones, white is also a suitable and safe color for girls who want to wear beautiful and elegant with purple. Combo with 3D flower motifs combined with tanktop tops, an additional pair of ton - sur - ton earrings is enough to attract the opponent's eyes.

Simple and elegant, a suit with purple tones will be the trendy choice for women who want to use this difficult tone in the workplace. And the most important rule to connect with this supposedly cheesy color is to limit the color of the accessory.