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the fashion of the 1970s led the Vietnamese beauties spellbound and ' an ' going to the no less events., gorgeous, mind-blowing, jewelry, fashion, ...

Maxi skirts Split flaps

The road at the base of the skirt flaps help format-why "Breeze manual" her slender legs. The maxi rips are the Favorites star makes sisters mistakenly believes there is a new trend, but it is something from the 70s.

Wide trousers

The most characteristic of the missing women at the time were still discerning city of Sai is the trousers stand on broad loe seasoned materials such as jeans or khaki. Then, this pants fad gradually spreading out my North and also half forever until the early years of the 20th century. So far, designs the pants "history" is still to be seen looming in the style of the modern beauty with variations are such classy trousers or shape palazzo, thướt tha.

The skirt/shirt collar Lotus

At that time, the round neck bending mould was considered one of the top classic trend of the fashion world. That is also the reason why the appearance of the shirt, steeped in ancient Lotus on back skirt are the consensus of all the ladies "dissipated". Today, this trend was improved with narrower neck shape and redefined under the name Peter Pan as many people still know.

Such dresses

Other than the sound of her daughter e Hanoi, the Pearl of far eastern ' 70s was steeped in such Bohemian skirts that were imported from the West exit of France. Even, this dress has slowly been considered default items, associated with the image of the discerning ladies of the time. The "hot girl" she does not hesitate to display looks sexy in the intermittent short on the knees, not at the hands of the same pair of high heels. So far, however, no longer owns the clumsy cuts as before, but such dress is still steeped in the lockers of every modern Lady.

Midi skirt sweep

Not strange if the world fashion trends">fashion trends the year 40 to be the Lady Sai into updates to da DAO on the city. The most famous is still the shape Department with knee-length linen fabric smooth and rich textures. So far, the dress "classic" still hasn't run out of heat and always is the optimal choice of modern women.

Skirt/dress lined pinch BeO

Other than the dress owned roads twinge, fussy pinch BeO details are treated as fashion breakthrough step in the 70s. Not so, tailors of the time often combine the way this same short skirt designs sewing on my knees and just for her to actually "play". Of course, here's the details were too familiar with the girl after nearly 40 years and still be creative equally on each design.


Long jumpsuit

Jumpsuit long shape with the material soft and pendulous, helping the wearer becomes luxurious and enchanting. Free dead dead tired also stars the exquisite and stylish. And at the time of the late 70 's, very casual jumpsuit but no less fascinating.

Flower print dresses and coats to

The skirt or long jackets dotted with floral heels to vintage colors makes the stars become feminine and dramatic. This stuff is no stranger to the 70s. However, at the time, the dress is still very much simpler.


Outdoors page, then the dish featured accessories for the time to mention the sunglasses for ladies. More particularly, the cat's eye designs has been preferred and used from that time. And, of course, until now, the glass cat-eyes Whyte of Miu Miu is still the dream of many women.=

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