Bikini cover the belly fat by Zhao 'distract public opinion'

fat Belly bikini still beautiful if use of Zhao ' distract public opinion ' by the styling as suggested below., bikini, fat belly, the Scorpions high, swimsuit, swimsuit ...

Cut a piece of instant deep neck swimsuit V

This swimsuit model particularly suitable with her plump round but would round out. Cut a deep V neck style with elastic fabric dark stuffs will pull the look of people around on round 1 of you, makes them forget about round 2 not perfect at the bottom. You also note do not select excessively high hip cut a coat if unwilling to suffer side effects.

Bending deflection shoulder swimsuit

This type of swimsuit shoulder dislocations a destination born is the channel for the bread. There are many templates with the eye-catching shoulder dislocations shirt straps cross was meeting the other fabrics may teh designs for cheap shrugged off or cut-out. This tiny detail main back makes you become more arrogance and charm despite being fat waist and hips you're flat. However, the type of swimsuit shoulder dislocations contraindications with the shoulder than the biceps or too fat.


Takini is full of stylized erotic bikini, but not so that you lack. Advantages of the tankini's help you can cover many of the defects on the body by the Austrian portion left over. Meanwhile, hugging design, the two wires cross breeze slender round or free soft size makes you comfortable choice without worry of being monotonous on the beach.

If you want more discreet because no confident with round hips and thighs on, you can select the type of shape shorts.

The Scorpions high bikini

Bikini high respect not only the Scorpions fad designs to her slender but also save the wings of her fat belly. But note that you must choose the style that has the Scorpions high enough through the navel. If the Scorpions just pants to the navel or below the navel a bit will also respond in host because they will cause the grease was defending ngấn up and cause unsightly bulge.

Swimsuit shape skirt

Don't think a dress is too long compared to the criteria of bathing will prevent you from being disconnected and lack of gravity. On the contrary, they will make her turn you into the Castle and charming lady. It's not just sexy new then.=

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