Buttocks padded pants to choose recipes for sisters

Buttocks padded pants bring three sexy and charming and has become the choice of so many women in recent times. However, my sister has really chosen the type of butt padded shorts fit and bring high efficiency? Let's find out the female buttocks padded pants buying experience below!

Buttocks padded pants to suck

Padded pants type has two pieces butt sucking thick enough to support your third round up of about 10 mm. However, type sucking thick so often in the summer, will result in hot, pumpkin for butt acne, can cause round for round 3. Therefore, this type is often preferred in winter. Some kind of padded pants to suck not good quality makes the pads too thick, rough, hard, soft, non-inferior nature.

Padded molded butt pants

Molded butt padded shorts help you make beautiful and round butt size increases up to about 20 mm. super lightweight materials, Pants not only sugar, not Sockets should sisters can overboard, an thin costumes, hugging, wear jeans waist, low backs are extremely comfortable and natural. The material is waterproof padded pants.

Gene ball silk pants

Belly gene pants create a charming curve when dressing, especially effective when wearing skirts and tight. The pants have the effect of lifting the buttocks, shaped for the mold. This type of smooth curves are both sides of the Strait, has good elasticity, soft. In the words of advertising on many of the sales page, type this ball silk genes help reduce 8 cm 6 cm, waist, round butt compact as be reduced 4-9kg.

Gene Cotton pants

This type can replace the chip pants everyday wear. With characteristic tight ass and not reveal when wearing the dress, however the Scorpions on this type of somewhat difficult to hold so can drop to.

Silicone butt padded shorts

You can buy silicone butt padded shorts anywhere because this type of padded pants and pretty much the favorite sister. When wearing the round 3 would be better. However, this type of sticky feeling and so may cause discomfort.

How to dress up the butt implant safety

Instead of costly cosmetic potential, risk, in fact, a lot of beautiful people have chosen effective solution is to use butt padded pants to create natural beauty like Italy. However, using this medical product in a natural way, subtle and safety how are not known.

Do not use regular butt padded shorts

This is the first request that all doctors recommend when you use the products, lifting the buttocks padded pants pants ass. Buttocks padded pants are designed in two thick pads, embraces suicide round butt to butt lifting up the pores will be sealed, cause rash, infection, infertility and even for the skin and the region. So, my sisters butt padded pants should only be used when really needed, such as shooting, the party or important occasions, rather than wear it often, especially in hot sunny weather.

Buttocks padded pants check before wearing

This is what ensures the computer aesthetic and safe for your girl. Buttocks padded pants by products are designed with two thick pads to help Mongolia to more beautiful but also prone to distortion after a period of use. Will truth and disturbing inferiority if hips is not balanced between the two parties or the Bureau had emerged because of the clumping of the pads the buttocks. Please check frequently before wearing them to ensure that they did not create the surreal or the leaping point should not be to round up your butt. Usually after 3 months, you should change the butt padded pants once.

Choice of shape butt padded pants to suit you

Here's how to help your girlfriend's increase the advantages, and limit the downside on his body. Have the kind of pants for both humanoid, and you should select the appropriate size to not have pants too tight cause irritation or wide buttocks padded pants too is not fixed.=