Cannes 2019 red carpet lights up with a series of gorgeous, sexy princess dresses

For a long time, the Cannes Film Festival red carpet has been considered as one of the most fashionable festivals expected by the year. Not knowing ever since, the dreamy princess dresses have become a special mark in Cannes, when every year people admire at least a few three works of "memory". Cannes 2019 is no exception and worth mentioning, even on the opening day, there were 4 impressive princess dresses.

Chompoo Araya

For a few years, Thai beauty Chompoo Araya has been a familiar shade of Cannes. Princess dress has also become the "brand" of the beauty here, every year she also presents at least a massive bulging design. This year, Chompoo Araya continues to impress with the cascading "thousand-million-pink" dress floating from the brand Ralph & Russo.

The purple dress with extremely ombre effect attracted the eye, turning Chompoo into the most gorgeous princess on Cannes red carpet the first day.

Beautiful actress perfects her appearance with simple bun hairstyle and diamond jewelry from Chopard. Thanks to the moderation in hair making and jewelry selection, despite the huge and colorful dress, Chompoo Araya still exudes elegance and elegance.

With this "million pink rose" dress, the beautiful Golden Temple land has added to her Cannes fashion collection a new lipstick.

Jessica Jung

Jessica Jung is also the most sought after Asian beauty in Cannes this time. Appearing on the red carpet on the opening day, she caused admiration with a pure white dress of the princess with a luxurious and arrogant appearance.

This is a design that is "tailored" for her. The dress is adorned by thousands of pieces of reflective acrylic glass combined with ostrich feathers. Contemplating from a distance, the dress resembles snow and ice, reminiscent of the nickname "ice princess" attached to Jessica Jung in her days as a member of SNSD.

Choose the wavy curls and the cool red lipstick, adorn Chopard's diamond jewelry, Jessica Jung impresses with its classic beauty.

Dilan Deniz

Although not famous internationally, Turkish actress Dilan Deniz is one of the brightest guests on the red carpet on the opening day of Cannes 2019. All thanks to the beautiful princess dress. from Hakaan Yıldırı brand.

The dress with layered design with many layers is attached to the beam to create a feeling of floating like a cloudy, gorgeous, but without being frightened or overcrowded.

Choose the elegant tufts of hair and diamond jewelry from Messika Paris, Dilan Deniz is the perfect image of the modern Cinderella princess.

Hofit Golan

The beauty of Israel - Hofit Golan also named in the "princess" list on Cannes red carpet the first day with a nude dress floating.

With pastel colors, but the dress is still not overshadowed by the red carpet thanks to the overly romantic and fairytale design.


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