Cool street style that trendy from hot girl sales of kimchi

Watching the street style of connoisseurs wearing Korean clothes last week, you will learn a dozen ways to mix beautiful clothes for coffee weekends or trips.

@_Seonhye girl showing off the standard figure with white crop top combo, high-leggings and chunky sneaky trend. This is also the formula that is the most hardworking girls from the beginning of the summer until now. For the top crop to promote comfort, personality and help her show off her slender waist, refer to some of her beautiful tricks. These are also the latest fashion trends today to help confidence in croptop girls without worrying about revealing.

In addition to the cool advantages, the way of coordinating the t-shirt and the pleated skirt of the short skirt of @jii_sue also has the ability to "hack" the age of extreme talent. Add a cap and sneaker, make sure you get complimented as young as a high school student.

The girl @ pouvoir.b brings a hint of femininity, elegance, but still cool and very important, it is extremely respectful: crop top mix fabrics with wrapped skirts.

To deal with the sultry weather and still take photos of ill-fated living, she should always buy a two-string dress with the back of the momentum like @meeriming.

Who said the formula of jeans - gritty slippers but the set of her clothes @gyoe_re caused absolute affection for lightness and comfort.

Shocking sunshine, you will need cool dress suggestions but still beautiful from the Korean girl wearing the past week - Photo 6. Don't forget, aside from jeans or shorts, there are tank tops. mix with very beautiful long skirt jeans feet as suggested by the girl @ fromgirls55.

The @wonlog's form of sleeveless and jeans shirts can be represented by at least 2 styles: finishing with slippers to make a casual street suit like me or matching shoes with a set of clothes polarity to go to work.

What is the "standard" skirt of the flower dress more than the @miae girl's sneaker and sneaker form?

The @keemluv girl shows that all the most elaborate set of clothes can become fashionable at a glance when a side bag is added.

The formula for T-shirts and jeans is inherently youthful and generous, but it will still be more eye-catching and eye-catching when mixed with white as the face of the girl @ji___silver.

Watching the street style of the girl @aneunhyeon__, you will probably want to buy a simple but beautiful flip-flops. This super cool and airy sandals is currently hot trend in the summer of 2019, ladies!