Costume suggestions go to the sea for the girlfriend in the holidays

are you planning to go to the sea during the holiday break should not know how to prepare, consult the following suggestions!, phuc thoi trang, bien di, bikini, ...

Holiday 30-4 to come near, you had planned to travel with friends of relatives but also considering not know the preparation and selection of costumes to kick up in the holidays. If the place you come is dreamy beaches with water play activities and visit the sea then please refer to the following hints!

One of the first outfits you must mention when going to sea is the bikini. With these colorful bikini girl will confidently breeze in shape and have fun with friends.

Convenient Binini for water activities, back up the religious curves sexy 's girlfriend.

With her shy an bikini then save the wings fit as shorts. Convenient, easy mobility and cool are the characteristics that make shorts became the stuff of most of you girls in summer, especially when she goes to sea. You can refer to a number of set map follows:

Can combine shorts with a croptop dynamic and youthful, shorts and shirt pull for daggers, shorts of the same dress tulle bèo Flex brings to the da DAO definition.

In addition you can also an skirts two wires short, Discreet appearance back quite comfortable when campaigning or bikini to add a mesh shirt or the thin gown.

The set map is suitable for her shy openings.

Maxi Skirt costume is also indispensable when you walk on the beach with friends. Made of chiffon or silk material is gentle, the maxi dress brings grace to you.

Picture 1 of Costume suggestions go to the sea for the girlfriend in the holidays

The maxi dress long romantic sea Bong Thinketh, always great choices for ladies fashion.

In addition you should also not forget to bring the necessary accessories such as sunglasses, caps, sandal and sunscreen .

Caps just help umbrellas fashion medium tone looks da respect back for you girl. Add a sunglasses protect the eyes and help her more.

Picture 2 of Costume suggestions go to the sea for the girlfriend in the holidays

You can comfortably, confidently walk the city or go along the white sand that sore tired feet with negligent sandal.

A small handbag comes to the essentials.=

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