Crocodile King Quynh Nga re-radiantly, beautiful after a noisy divorce supermodel husband

Actress and singer Quynh Nga has just participated in an opening event in Hanoi.

The beauty attracted every look right from the appearance with youthful and sexy style.

Quynh Nga chose for herself an orange swinsuit with delicate cut-out lines that exalted the slim waist.

In addition, beautiful people also mix with classic style flared jeans.

Before Quynh Nga, H'Hen Niê also made people excited when going to the airport with dazzling neon color set. The point of strong attention must include the tight-fitting shirt with two high hip lines inside, half-closed and half-closed behind a sleeveless jacket.

Ho Ngoc Ha is not one of the most sophisticated fashion owners in Vbiz. From the seamless bathing suit of the popular, costing only 800 thousand VND, the beauties have been allowed to add perfectly when mixing with flared trousers, showing off the street.

All wear swimwear Gucci showing off the body of people who love, 'queen entertainment' also makes netizen a hat recline admiring when mix this item into costumes to attend the event of the Italian brand itself, 'tight guillotine' series star.

Thieu Bao Tram also 'transformed' the swimsuit model with nearly 30 million VND of the famous brand into a show, combining personality with skinny skin and boots the heels in the 'Million reason' MV.

Not only once, 'Son Tung's girlfriend' used to make netizens admire mix talent when turning into tropical motifs into tank tops with shorts, confident walking streets.

Minh Hang is one of the most capable women of F5, who wears swimsuits into stylish street style outfits. For example, cut swimsuit swimsuit 'tough' like this is also extremely mixed with her jeans shorts and kimono jacket, sexy.

To the bathing suit that Ngoc Trinh had been promoted when 'coming back to the team' Minh Hang became a tank shirt, got a good mix with torn jeans, religious style 'quality'.

One of the extremely high-impact swimwear pieces is the swimsuit with the Gucci logo. Evidence is Khanh Linh out of the bikini as a mix of clothes into the street but still absolutely confident.

When making swimwear, Gucic's item caused Minh Trieu to curl all the way, when he became a tank top, mixing jeans to the street helped Jolie Nguyen to make a luxurious and proud appearance.


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