Despite being 'fried again', the Korean star airport fashion formula still goes into people's hearts

The female stars of Kim Chi are always the models for Asian girls to 'learn' how to mix stylish clothes. Contrary to the fashion in the magnificent red carpet or the stage performances with lavish costumes, their airport fashion is a good suggestion for Korean fashion-loving girls to coordinate summer days.

The following 4 formulas are how to mix 'guts' that Korean female stars are extremely popular with, especially in the summer days, she can't help but glance at the following 4 ways!

Wide-sleeved shirt and jeans

'Combo' shirt, wide-legged jeans never made Korean stars bored. The pants are gorgeous dresses at the events, but whenever the airport is the star Kim Chi, the women choose the shirts, cleverly the wide-legged jeans are also so gentle and elegant but also equally luxurious.

The 'indifferent' shirt is a popular airport map of many Korean female stars

Textured shirts, checkered shirts or even plain shirts still make beautiful female stars flutter, immediately attracting the attention of reporters and the surrounding people.

This 'Combo' costume is also a great suggestion for office girls. As long as she cleverly mixes with a pair of high heels, she is polite and equally outstanding.

Skirt skirt and blouse shirt

In addition to wide-tube jeans, the skirt is also a fashion item combined with a beautiful shirt that is free of extreme popularity among Korean female stars. From midi skirt legs, pencil skirt legs or simple skirts, these items are enthusiastically promoted by stars at airport fashion.

With the skirt, the shirt inside is always the perfect choice. This way not only helps her be more youthful and dynamic but also 'hack' height effectively!

The midi skirt legs are gently and elegantly arranged for office girls, both for school or for play are present

T-shirts and jeans

This seemingly 'old-fashioned' combination is extremely popular with the female ginseng star. Evidence is that from day to month, a large number of stars choose this simple map arrangement at the airport.

Especially the hot summer days like the present, style mixes with smooth T-shirt and jeans is always a wise choice to ensure 3 criteria 'Beautiful - Trendy - Comfortable'.

With T-shirts and jeans, combined with sneaker or slip-on are two popular Korean star options. At the same time, she could also learn how a 'half-hearted' shirt was trendy and was extremely dynamic

Seamless body dress pattern

The airport is the 'catwalk' so that Korean stars will notice the reporters' side, but not every Korean female star has a 'fat-free' body, the way clever stars' hide '. the second round is less slender and the body is close to the body.

There are various types of seamless dress with all colors, in which, the seamless and smooth lagoon are the two popular items chosen by the Korean female stars.

Just comfortable and sweet and feminine, the girlfriend can absolutely 'learn' the following stylish and sophisticated dresses for F5 in her summer dresser!