'Eat rice before the series continues,' why Free still cleverly hidden belly

Recently, Vietnam has many times the showbiz jubilantly celebrate the wedding of the artist. The most important day in the life, the beautiful people always make fans enjoy watching the wedding dress itself. As every girl, the male actor, model or entertainer has a splendid wedding dresses chosen orientation, elegance and charm.

There are many types of wedding dresses have been the beautiful people opt for the "time history ' of his life. Almost the stars are pretty much change the skirt of the wedding day. But often under the general rule, the first one is long when making religious ancestors, grandparents, their parents. When the groom to the bride procession where the wedding will be the wedding dresses in white, cream, milk with wide sweep skirt parts extremely extravagant. After finishing the ceremony held on the stage, the beautiful people back instead of a soothing evening than the swamp to go forward and thank the guests invited to the fun.

Styling the skirts, stereotypes who, in shape or nature and the presence of guests that the beautiful people that chose the styling skirts accordingly. In the design of this wedding dress style, crank, with heart-shaped breast Cup mild chest slot place ever rips also favor choice. They are not only beautiful true sense a wedding dress but also makes the ingenious artists expressing vitality spills tense beauty.

The bride is usually so, but with the "beautiful people eat rice before the series continues" to expose "consequences" before the wedding, the wedding gown will pick hard, much harder. Didn't at least once the public was watching the bride of showbiz Free to "closing" in his wedding.

With the development and expansion of fashion wedding, the dress for pregnant brides nowadays are quite rich and beautiful. However, not really she elected would also choose yourself a dress "to life" in the most important moments.

So in the bride elect of showbiz free, who hid the best belly?

Hot girl Reads Minds

The mind in question, was dining on Titus knew she was pregnant 3 months

On photo series shows, nice people asked to eat was pretty clear belly reveal

The mind fairly handy with a wedding dress to choose Headline "distract" the attention of the watch.

Singer-Currency Cards

According to many opinions, the beautiful female pregnant games 3-4 months when do brides

With selecting the ingenious wedding dresses luxury wedding flower together, at least one knows the "secret pink" of the beautiful people

Jennifer Pham

In a second wedding with German entrepreneurs, Jennifer was pretty much attention in round 2. Dress wedding flowers to a belly shading more than 3 months in the wedding business with Nguyen Duc Hai.

Suicidal Rate singer

Suicidal Rate singer skillfully select gourmet wedding flower and always keep the front of the abdomen to hide the second round have groves groves

Female singer Pham Quynh Anh

The Quynh Anh's wedding dress sexy, gorgeous and lovely

See the Reasoning, does anyone think that at this time she brought her in a beautiful angel=