Explore the fashion style of the daily Mai Huong

In life , the daily Mai Huong often choose the simple clothes, simple.

Spiffy printing t-shirts is still my favorite item female singer in her teens.

To succumb to the cold spell in Northern, Mai Hương choose coat shape long blue.

Or combine the sweaters, skirts sweep and oxford shoes create a dynamic, energetic style.

Mix shoe and towel same color help the featured singer.

City style very class when combined with white fur jacket and pants.

Breeze double foot long dress in such shape mix together the metallic silver high heels.

Momentum and rhythm but also with soy sauce at her shirt number, sport shoes.

Or tunnel outdoor with jeans, the shirt Capri breeze compact waist.

An colored pants combine perfectly the same sandals and sports jackets.

Fashion street of Van Mai Huong very, make own personality.

Especially nice person would love to wear the white shirt with matching colored pants.

Sometimes classes leveled with the vest.

Sometimes evolve Galaxia with overalls.=