Fashionable clothes that help Jisoo hack his height significantly

Jisoo is one of the four members of YG's hit group Blackpink. Since its debut, Jisoo Black has attracted the attention of domestic and international media because of its beautiful, charismatic and goddess-like appearance. As the group's visual, Jisoo Blackpink was built as a sweet, feminine girl, creating a special personality in a group pursuing the "Girl Crush" style. And apparently Jisoo's appearances in front of the media and fans, Jisoo became the center of attention. Especially during the times when Jisoo wore a white dress, she made the heart of the fans drop 1 beat because she was so beautiful.

Not as good as the "hacked" design like Jennie so that from 1m6 looks like 1m7, Jisoo has another way to raise the height simply but the effect is not the medium of the padded shoe. The visual of Black Pink group has a pretty easy way to choose shoes, just a few inches high to browse. Of course, that doesn't mean that she never wears flats, it's just that flattering insole is an item that takes up more waves.

YG's beauty is quite fond of chunky high-heeled shoes with a pitiful chunky shape that helps her cheat a few centimeters in height, and also exudes a more dynamic and personality.

As usual, Jisoo will also prioritize boots with padded soles as high as possible.

Jisoo's other sneaker also has a few inches high sole.

Another pair of bread sneaker is popular with female visuals.

Not only Jisoo but also many other female stars often dress up with chunky sneaker, confirming a cool and cool style.

Just "playing tricks" with wide pants, Jisoo also combines more sneaker soles to respect effective appearance.

The pair of canoe sandals about 5-7 centimeters helps Jisoo to level the height with his teammates. That's why, sometimes it is not enough to dress up, hacking height just because of costumes is not enough, because any girl with a "pepper" physique should also learn Jisoo wearing a pair of high-soled shoes to bring efficiency. Much more impressive.

While Jennie is extremely sensitive to fashion, she often wears unique items; Lisa promoted a crop top and baggy pants; Rose showed off hundreds of cool, shrugged shirts; Jisoo always dresses up very 'unlike celebrities'. The singer has a sweet beauty with sharp eyes, a straight nose and slender lines. She is also known as one of the new generation beauty goddess of Kpop. However, she often chooses for herself very simple styles, somewhat inferior to the rest of the members.