Gu fashion from personality to sexy of the girls with the most noisy life in Vietnam showbiz

Doing art will not avoid the noisy noises, serious art activists who do not want me to get caught up in the Chinese language. However, even if you want to, even in the past, there have been names that stir up fans because they are related to unnecessary scandals like Nam Em, Tram Anh, Bao Anh, .

1. Male Em

Beautiful, charming and long-lasting achievements related to beauty contests but Nam Em in recent years made the audience shake their heads because of a series of scandals and received many "stone bricks" from public opinion. . As in the latest case, Nam cried like a rain when the Traffic Police whistled, checked papers and was asked to "take the show". Or the case that has just been hospitalized and livestream urges the audience to love them is also two of a series of beautiful and beautiful Misses.

Before "crying like rain" because of the Traffic Police, Nam I also manually posted a picture of falling rope, messy hair with status smelled of love that made Mrs. Hoa receptive to many conflicting ideas.

In everyday life, Nam I dressed pretty well.

Hoa Thanh chose safety clothes in dark colors, with a few simple patterns as a highlight.

Every time she attended the event, she was more beautiful and beautiful. Dressed with flowers and leaves, the skirt is very popular with Nam Em.

Or half-open and half-open, full of charm like this one .

2. Tram Anh

The name Tram Anh suddenly became a hot keyword on social media not from any outstanding contribution in art but because it was directly related to the hot clip. Her personal page has increased the amount of follow-up to the point of dizziness, and for the past time, her name has not shown any signs of reducing the heat.

Observing Tram Anh's facebook, there is one noticeable thing in her that is the feminine fashion style, "banh beo". Tram Anh or a dress with a soft pastel color dress combined with a soft texture enhances the perfect 3-ring measurements and white skin.

Tram Anh with a feminine fashion style, "banh beo" with soft colors and simple motifs.

With a soft fabric, with smoothness and woven lines behind the back of the skirt, Tram Anh can easily show off its slender physique and smooth white skin.

Sometimes a little way out with the outer shirt, crop top inside the mix with jeans full of personality.

3. Bao Anh

Once entangled in the clutter related to the family Pham Quynh Anh - Quang Huy, Bao Anh is still a hot name because of the talent in singing field along with impressive dress style. Female singers are not boring or framing themselves in a certain style but flexible, changing styles constantly every time she helps her receive the "rain" compliments from fans.

Going to eat, but I also had to be cynical, Bao Anh wore 2 green halter tops with jeans. With this type of dress, the double mound is blooming and the white skin is remarkably raised.

If you go out to eat, the beauty is comfortable with 2-piece shirt and jeans, then when going to perform Bao Anh, he has a more stringent request for clothes. As in this outfit, the same fabric material, the same red wine tone, is quite sophisticatedly designed from clothes to pants and boots to match.

With the perfect 3-round advantage, Bao Anh is pretty good at every kind of outfit.

Normally, it is very gentle and feminine, but when it comes to a little "glaze", Bao Anh also shows well from clothes to nuances.

The outfit is causing a stir because it is believed that the designer has copied the Korean female singer. Real damage is not known but Bao Anh still really charming and sucked, especially long straight legs, naked to fascinate the look.

4. Hoang Thuy Linh

Recently, when the love story between Hoang Thuy Linh and Vinh Thuy model off burden, fans feel sorry for this talented couple. Because of the idea after many cheats in love and career, especially the scandal revealed hot clip between her and her ex-boyfriend posted online a few years ago, Hoang Thuy Linh found a man of her life. Unfortunately, after a long time of love, Hoang Thuy Linh returned as a single girl and Vinh Thuy also had a new love.

But instead of suffering, Hoang Thuy Linh changed gout to dress, safety style often seen. Instead, the more stylish female singer in eye-catching suits, changing her hair color makes her look like a real fashionista.

Hoang Thuy Linh had a significant change, especially her hair color.

The dress style is also more colorful, coordinated with various accessories to help Hoang Thuy Linh be praised by fans.

The image is feminine, strong, but also extremely attractive from a dominant shirt with yellow jeans and high heels.

5. Phi Huyền Trang

Phi Huyen Trang with scandal revealed hot clip, shocking her husband is making a stir. From a girl with a daring dress, showing off her hot body, Phi Huyen Trang before the scandal happened, turned into a more mature image with a dress with gentle feminine pastel colors. Besides, the actress also showed off her well-rounded chest in bold designs cut out round 1.

Phi Huyen Trang often choose the type of dress with colors and soft patterns whenever going to the event.

Smoky gray with a bold design cut out right at the first round makes the beauty show off her bust and smooth white skin. Besides, the humble details in the skirt leg help people wear more gentle, charming.

Another dress with striped pattern helps Huyen Trang look taller and slimmer.