Hari Won wear overalls like children a few years old, but it's best to carefully review before studying

No one has won time, but people can use many methods to find themselves in the mirror a little younger than their real age. One of those methods is fashion!

For example, there are two ladies, the same age, the same body but just need to choose different costumes is sometimes a business girl called 'her aunt', a girl often called 'sister'. How do you know, clothes, especially how nice and suitable the clothes are!

The fact is, Hari Won is 34 years old this year. However, Hari Won's youthful appearance of forgetting time always gives people the feeling that she is only in her twenties. This is also the reason, Hari Won can conquer the items that look like "sawing horns" but still fit extremely well, such as overalls.

In the latest event, Hari Won really made people startled a bit because of his youthful and cute appearance. And the big part belongs to the combo of T-shirts + overalls + white sneakers she's wearing.

Hari Won inherently has a much younger appearance than reality, plus the impulse on her "hack" item magic age like overalls, her appearance is even more like a teenager.

On another occasion, Hari Won also wore the same exact combo; and the "cheating" effect becomes even stronger when Hari Won wears her hair tied in half.

However, do not see Hari Won wearing overalls, so cute that sisters over 30 have quickly imitated. Because, overalls, though allowed for a young look of a dozen years old, but if you do not own the opposite beauty, the age of hash is very easy to bring the feeling of "sawing horns to make Nghe", even being criticized as overdo it.

Overalls are an item not for all women over the age of 30, please think carefully before shopping.

As a fashion-loving girl, if you don't have an overalls or overalls in your wardrobe, that's a mistake. This youthful way of dressing not only helps you easily 'hack' your age but also helps you to have a luxurious and extremely cute way of dressing.

If you want to rejuvenate the style, instead of wearing a T-shirt + coveralls like Hari Won, you should dress up with a minimalist T-shirt formula + jeans, then complete with sneakers, sandals or doll shoes. . The idea of ​​this outfit will bring a fresh, dynamic look but still ensure the elegance and maturity needed for girls over the age of 30. In other words, she is completely secure when wearing hashed T-shirts + jeans combo without worrying about being "old and outrageous", or "working on horns".