Huong Giang first changed into a woman in the West with cool all-black costumes

Referring to Huong Giang, the public not only mentioned the most charming female singer in Vietnam, but now she is also the International Transgender Miss. Representing the special women, Huong Giang naturally had to go through a process of perfecting herself and beauty. However, after pressing the weight to win the crown, Huong Giang has 2 fatal defects: the big lower abdomen and the increasingly slim and bony body, but now she has reached the realm of hot body Burns with three irresistible rings.

Also so that she is no longer the name only interested in the field of music, Huong Giang Idol also made a strong impression in the field of fashion. It is undeniable that the beauty and style of Miss Transgender is increasingly "going to life".

There is no need to show off the curve or the gorgeous wings, the incense is still enough to make many people admire with all-black set of suits from head to toe. From the day of the coronation of Miss to the present, the audience always remembers a beautiful Huong Giang in luxurious, charming designs or sometimes gentle with floating wings. However, in the midst of the West, Huong Giang suddenly stripped into a female model with a set of t-shirts, tight pants combined with a leather jacket and mysterious black tones.

She is now a billionaire with a strong fashion style but still exudes elegance. However, apart from the street Style personality, the expressive and charismatic expression of Huong Giang's image taking is also the factor that brings success to the picture. Many fans expressed their interest in this new image of Huong Giang and devoted many praises to the beautiful people.

Step out with a convincing victory from Miss International Queen 2018, Huong Giang is increasingly making the audience indulge in their fashion style.

Without being loyal to a single style, Huong Giang always turns herself into a 'chameleon' with a variety of styles.