In 2015 the world will wear like?

the fad has programmed the popular dress style and fashion for the year 2015 that certain fashion devotees to know., flowers, vintage, classic, leather, ...

From the fashion collection spring summer and Hello spring 2015, fashion critics have seen the hot trend of the year 2015. This information is something that every fashion devotees should seize to error every fad when step out of the House.

Here are the 3 most prominent trend that all the world will wear in 2015:

Colourful grass flower motifs

As if floral grass was the hot trend of fall 2014, the date it continued the hot trend of spring summer 2015. But you can't confuse the two floral trends this grass. Flowers of the currency in 2014 is vintage style serenity, classic. Also flowers spring 2015 is brilliant style with the flowers are printed to a color, hot.

Bright color skin material

Leather is still needed for the winter, but when step into spring, but fabrics and dark brown black skin has been replaced with the bright colors, even the slightly "chĂłe". The color of the leather, yellow-orange, and pink leather material.

The intermittent silk, tulle colors of romance

With the colors white, pale blue sexy Renaissance inspired. You don't surprise as if the street 2015 steeped pieces of soft silk shirt dresses, scanning the ice cream blue fly like a dream space between spring.=

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