Jennie (BlackPink) is an extremely beautiful showbiz 'Korea's crop-top queen'

As one of the most popular girl groups in the world, BlackPink always has a large fan base, not only in Korea but also in many countries around the world. In addition to possessing talent, beautiful and luxurious appearance, YG girls also have the most stylish fashion in Kpop. In particular, Jennie is always a member with the most praised style. Even in a poll last year, Jennie also reached the Top of the best dress idols of the year.

Besides possessing a beautiful, charismatic face, Jennie also has a standard millimeter body with slim waist, not a little fat. Therefore, the beauty born in 1996 has the ability to turn simple set of things into the eye.

The wardrobe of members of BlackPink group is very diverse, she owns a series of designer dresses and accessories from high-end to casual. In the multitude of costume styles, perhaps the crop top is the item that Jennie favored and selected the most. She can comfortably crop crop everywhere, from the stage, go to events, take photos of magazines to walk around the street.

On the stage

Crop top is Jennie's familiar costume on music stages because it helps her look more attractive and sexy.

The short-cut crop tops help Jennie religious cleverly slender body, especially the admirable waistline when she performs exciting dance moves.

Even when performing with the group .

. or alone in solo performances, Jennie still favor crop top to the top.

Going to the event

Many people still default, crop top is a comfortable, dynamic style, suitable for street style set rather than going to a party. But for someone who has the ability to 'turn around' everything like Jennie this seems like a small deal because when attending events, she still has a crop top and scores absolutely.

Thanks to the sophisticated fashion that when choosing crop top on the red carpet, Jennie looks extremely chic, youthful and still ensures the luxury needed.

Go to airport

Jennie's airport fashion is enhanced by her sophistication, comfort and youthfulness. That's why she is very devoted to crop top whenever she appears here.

The slim waistline was always the factor that made Jennie stand out, attracting all lenses when she appeared in public.


Like the airport fashion, Jennie's attire to the street was aimed at simplicity but still ensured the elegance and elegance. In order to respect her physique and physical advantages, she also chose a youthful crop top.

Take a picture of the magazine

Praised as a beauty with the most fashionable style of Kpop, Jenni is always a "darling", well-known by many magazines. In magazine publications, fans also regularly admire the sexy image of the 9x beauty in short, youthful crop tops.