Khanh Lam Chi deserves the throne Free showbiz fashion disaster

Recently moved about the women but no long Khanh Lam Chi unceasing praise herself beautiful and ever revealed to want to contest the Miss world transfer. But, when that many people are still cooking because beauty is quite masculine, the gu fashion she's honest ... disaster.


Many Vietnamese women were stars tag fashion disaster, but now that the throne should probably belong to the female singer moved about Khanh Lam Chi. If the stars are other women often only make a mistake or have the costume makes public the first few events in strabismus, the Khanh Lam Chi has always publicly sighs with style are the "homophobic".

Khanh Lam Chi regularly appears with the showy costumes, flower leaves the same cumbersome and showy accessories as well as the hairstyle makes her become theatrical and too "highlights" in each place where she appeared.


In contrast to the style of life, when performing on stage she too loved the dark outfit and can say is grow old themselves. Many of the dress she wore right is "don't touch" artist and made fans disappointed.


When attending events to stun her fans with the inappropriate outfits, ears and hair accessories are not suitable.


Affordable, because to avoid hitting consumers and create a separate imprint for ourselves that Khanh Lam Chi is transforming itself into a new fashion disaster of showbiz.=