'Layering accessories' super hot season 2014

the clothes alone not enough having your personality, in addition to the footwear and handbags, small accessories series such as bracelets, necklace, earrings ... will make you more ...

For many people, the trend also quite strange layer accessories by new it introduced to the young community of fever in a short time. Says basically, "layering accessories" is combining the types of jewelry in a variety of floor types with different sizes, colors to create separate personality traits for the user.

A "layer" bracelets are a unique combination.

Use the matching outfits depending on the circumstances the part would help you become more prominent.

The small ring incorporates interwoven together make up style.

Accessories layer can be combined with many different styles depending on the circumstances and the outfit but always show the personality of the user.

The rings are stacked according to a rule or incidentally called "stacked rings".

"Stacked rings" can be combined from many different ring styles to create a common theme depending on your creativity.

The ton-sur-ton accessory or standing by the antagonistic chroma is the secret so you can mix the layers of accessories with diverse materials.

You can turn yourself into her summer extreme "nature" by mixing several impressive accessories like this.

In addition to the style "the stacked rings", also matching the type of collar together called "layer necklace".

"Layer necklace" can be used from the necklace looks simple.

Or combine both more bracelets, rings.

Or mix enough junk all materials, colors, creating impromptu style for you.

The trend "layer accessories" today is very much the star class A famous tomb of Odyssey.

Or some of the famous fashionistar on the community network.=

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