Like when you shop, do not choose the following motifs

3 samples of the following pants, the style is fashionable and uniform, the style is difficult to mix so the best sister should not draw the purse for them.

1. Colorful, glossy velvet pants

In the cold season, velvet to the throne is indispensable but this outfit is very difficult to wear beautiful, easy to add for people aged a few years or make the set becomes cheesy, unsightly. Especially when flocking colorful velvet pants, adding a glossy effect, the possibility is high, your appearance will be "glossy" if the owner is awkward in the mix & match. So it is best to stay away from this hard-to-play velvet pants when shopping, instead, the luxurious, easy-to-wear velvet velvet pants will be the more ideal choice.

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2. Leopard print motifs

Leopard motifs are one of the most popular fashion trends from the beginning of summer, world famous fashion houses put large and small motifs in the Spring-Summer Collection as an implicit announcement that the trend will be popular in the year. . True to the expectations of the "giants" of fashion, the trend of stripes is applied in many designs for spring and continues to maintain influence until the summer. However, it only stopped at a time.

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Leopard motifs are still a trend, but not every trend is appropriate for all women to "rock". Specifically, if you come across leopard pants in a fashion store, take out your wallet because they are a little hard to wear. Even famous Asian stars who wear beautiful just catch the trend of leopard prints by wearing shirts, skirts, t-shirts . then women know leopard pants should be "marginalized". That's it!

3. Flower motifs

It is impossible to ignore large and small floral motifs printed on cool summer background, cool summer floral tones, cold colors are used thoroughly in blending, combining scales. For the hot and cold, it creates a harmony that makes the flower printed pants become suitable for the hot atmosphere. Medium and small floral prints are heavily used on light, airy fabric.

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Patterned pants such as plaid pants, plaid pants, polka dots . will give you a striking, sophisticated look even very luxurious but floral pants are not like that. This item has become outdated, mix & match how it also looks mushy, cheesy so you should save the budget for more worthy items such as jeans, neutral color pants, khaki pants . when shopping offline!

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