Lisa Blackpink has just appeared in the United States making fans fascinated by the white dress very hard

Just like the sun is suddenly turning into a shower, the fact that a cool, casual girl is digging up the "cake" really makes people look at the words O. If anyone is familiar with Lisa wearing The bunker must take a deep breath and prepare yourself mentally, because the "international sister" has been wearing a flowing water suit.

Not knowing whether to go to the United States, Lisa's mood cake suddenly reached its climax, but people just saw her soft, soft, white, rough skirt dropping off the beach.

It's really strange for an idol to wear a white dress, but since this is Lisa, people are really surprised. Compared to the usual image, the youngest student Black Pink looks so strange.

Even if it is Lisa's cool worshiper, someone will see this image a little wrong.

By day, Lisa without wearing crop top showing off her waist will also dress up some baggy items like this. Besides, jeans are also her companion on all roads, not the ladies' dresses.

Temporarily put aside whether Lisa matches the duck-cake dress, there is a fact that one cannot deny: she is still a pretty outsider in lots of money. Evidence is that going to the dew beach she still has to wear more than 5 million dresses and wear Rolex Datejust watch 31 more than 730 million here!