List of ca's stand not bad wear Free 2014

Among the stars Free wear bad in years, the stars always bad and the stars is only a problem in thinking map. A costume can not bad when looking outside, but through the camera lens, camera, it becomes ludicrous.

Looking back the same bad wear forget forever in 2014 of the stars Free:

Chi Pu was a star idols is eating even youthful, eye catching. But the gold fish Princess this is a shameful mistake.

LAN Phương equity gu fashion unrest. Very few times she wore beautiful and this is one of those times of many bad disaster.

Female singers of the 1980s grossing-90 N will probably not become disconnected in the eyes of young people if not wearing this strange.

The Queen of beauty not of age My Christmas often have other choices people, adventure and many times failed. The texture of this flashy red swamp becomes clown when jackets up fake fur shoulder joint.

The ceiling model 's page but how to dress not good. The black swamp this bad break in every detail when put on her.

Mai Huong received word about this fashion style cooking in 2014. Here is a typical bad wear on stage singer.

Japan is a case of showbiz fashion Encyclopedia

Phi Thanh Van and one bad to wear scary times

America the beautiful Mind very bad swings and the impeller is one of those extraordinary times.=