Loyal to a few simple outfits when going to the airport, but Park Min Young always stands out

Besides the red carpet at the awards ceremony, events, airports are also a great backdrop for female stars to show off their style. Airport style is also interesting in that the outfits that are favored by female stars are very realistic and you can completely apply it to enhance your own street style.

And if you want to start taking inspiration from the simplest things, learn Park Min Young's airport style recently. The outfit of her "secretary Kim" flirty revolves around neutral colors, very basic design but stylish, chic is undeniable.

Recently, on the way to Milan Fashion Week, Park Min Young chose a minimalist but interesting set of clothes including: mezzanine collars, skinny jeans, short coats and low-neck boots.

Overall with tones of black - white cream mainstream should exude elegance. However, the outfit is also very playful, trendy thanks to the "trick" mix & match like hiding the pants in boots, showing off the slim waist or opening loose buttons.

Park Min Young has a very youthful and personality set of clothes when combining a turtleneck with a mini leather skirt. Also undeniable, the low-neck boots and vests have helped the whole overall more eye-catching and striking.

Park Min Young's hairstyle that day may lose points, but the actress's sweater suit + pleated skirt + low-neck boots are well worth learning. The most "money" of the outfit is the black pleated skirt that is both chic and feminine and graceful.

White shirt + wide beige pants is a combination that will never let you down. The duo is elegant, trendy and also helps to improve the physique very effectively if you choose a short shirt, high waistband, long tube and then end with a pair of pointed high heels like Park Min Young.

Not only creating the slim effect, helping to significantly cheat height, the set of Park Min Young's sweater + wide-legged pants + black high-heeled boots also brings a trendy and luxurious appearance to Park Min Young. people face.

Having been controversial because of a case of cutlery and visual in the past, Park Min Young is a rare beauty who can convince fans thanks to her "cutlery" beauty. How many years, every time appearing on the screen, the actress born in 1986 has made the public angry because of increasingly beautiful, beautiful despite the time. That is why Park Min Young can attract so many fans, making amateurs like Lee Min Ho and Park Seo Joon stand still for a while.