Ly Hai's wife caused fever when wearing a robe like the love queen and her husband went to film

Li Hai's wife invested in monumental costumes for the film's opening ceremony 'Face-to-face: Guest houses' in Melbourne, Australia.

The dress has a wide spread robe, long sweeping soil, dragon print motifs look gorgeous, power for mothers of 4 children.

Minh Ha matched Mr. Ly Hai's couple to the stage with the audience of kangaroos.

The couple successively achieved with 4 parts of the movie in the "Turned Over" series. This is the first time they boldly bring their 'spirit child' abroad. Before coming to Australia, Ly Hai - Minh Ha brought 'Turn over: A guesthouse' screened in several states in the United States.

Producer Minh Ha revealed that, to be screened in Australia and the US market, the film has undergone rigorous evaluations with international technical standards.

Van Son comedian came to congratulate Ly Hai couple.

Flip 4 is Li Hai's first cinematographic project overseas. The director hopes to adopt the film to introduce Vietnamese culture to an international audience. In the new film, in addition to the funny comedy story, he incorporates many beautiful scenes in Lam Dong, Dong Nai, and some Vietnamese cultural features such as a flower festival, folk cuisine, and a highland market in Da Lat. .

The director shared that the film will be shown in Australia, and he and the crew must meet the criteria such as: the story must be compact, in depth, post-production stages such as sound, image, color of the film to be achieved high quality . Ly Hai wants to follow the path of Korean cinema, there are many films that are accepted by American audiences. "Since 2010, Korean film sales in the US have grown by 40 times. I believe that to get such sweet results, there must be people building the first bricks. I hope international viewers have a look. more positive with Vietnamese cinema, "he said.

Li Hai couple in Australia premiere.

Face-to-face: A home with a guest is part four of a series of movies that is invested and directed by Li Hai. In the movie, Vy (Katleen Phan Vo) came home to visit with her lover Huan (Jay Quan) and his group of friends (Huy Khanh, Mac Van Khoa and Hoang Meo). She often believes her brother is frightened, panicked, causing his mother to invite a priest to treat him. Strange phenomena began to happen, frightening the group. Launched in Vietnam since April, the movie has a hit with more than 70 billion VND in revenue.


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