Never regret buying money but suddenly Ngoc Trinh saved her old dress from 8 years ago

Recently, Ngoc Trinh boasted a leopard print dress from 8 years ago that surprised many people. You can see that even though it is old and out of fashion, when Ngoc Trinh still looks beautiful. Moreover this proof of the physique of the "Queen of Internal Medicine" is almost unchanged and is still as standard as any other day to be able to cover this dress.

Picture of Ngoc Trinh wearing a leopard print dress before.

One of Ngoc Trinh's passions is to buy branded goods.

Previously, on the 29th birthday, Ngoc posted a video showing off self-rewarding gifts to herself. Many people are stunned when beautiful people spend more than 4.1 billion dong to buy a series of expensive brands from many brands: YSL, Chanel . In which, Ngoc Trinh spends 3 Hermes bags worth over 2 billion dong. . Particularly the blue bag (right) she loved for nearly a year should decide to "put all the money" to buy the new age.

Two Hublot watches with diamonds were sold by Ngoc Trinh for her brand collection. The pink watch on the left has only 200 versions in the world, costing nearly 1.3 billion VND.

In a movie visit, Ngọc Trinh improvised shopping. She buys 'cult' Archlight crude loafers, LV Chain Wave bags, Dior's Mini Saddle bags with a total value of about 120 million dong.

In 2017, Ngoc Trinh also raised money to buy birthday gifts, including Chopard watches over VND 1.3 billion, Mini Kelly bags VND 880 million .

Ngoc Trinh owns a height of 1m72 along with the standard measurements of 85 - 58 - 91, Ngoc Trinh quickly joined the Vietnamese fashion village in 15 years old, 16 years old and participated in and won the prize of the "Miss Jewelry" contest. In 2005, Ngoc Trinh attended the Vietnam Supermodel and won the "Beauty Eating Photo" award.


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