Nguyen Thi Loan from fashion 'two rice' to cool

Those who love must not forget to Loan Nguyen Thi was a picture of Miss self village women with skin black rustic, sultry brunette strokes the rice flavor.

The image with the looks casual and brown skin of Nguyen Thi Loan when the Miss Vietnam contest 2010.

During the 4 years after the coronation, the beauty of the Pacific has not stopped trying to change the picture and cultivate the capacity themselves to become more beautiful in the eyes of the public.

When the new fake Coronation reward beauties of the sea, the style of the Loan still quite simple and straightforward.

Even she was nicknamed "why rice" with costumes go missing Chin chu attended the event.

From Miss the sea 2010-Miss ethnic 2013 to Miss world, people have seen the relentless efforts of her Miss wild born in 1990.

Beautiful people started selecting the sample dresses simple but delicate and sensual.

The intermittent Miss openings very nice person or role option.

Dainty in the vintage dam.

If the former, the costume has a corny sẩm, unrelated causes Naik Loan not less times mistaken in staging stars bad dress, then her style now became more refined and more feminine. The simple sets, modestly but not least always be this beautiful luxury options.

Nguyen Thi Loan became familiar faces on the catwalk in the water.

From the slightly rough part hard physique of volleyball athletes, the public has seen Naik Loan with curvy designs standard clarity thanks to the training process.  With 58 kg weight, height 1, 76m with measurements 90-63-93 and bright faces are subtle makeup, this beauty has brought charm and spirit blows to many of the collections of the designers in and outside the country.

Although many extra prizes to ski in the biggest beauty pageant planet but the Top 25 titles Miss World is a worthy reward for the efforts of Nguyen Thi Loan=