Poor coal is only so miserable, but Huong Tram always puts brand names on people

Being at the peak of her singing career, Huong Tram's decision to leave the showbiz to study in the US has made many fans regret. During nearly a year, Huong Tram, although far away, still regularly updates his photos on social networks. Although she is an international student, this beauty still shows her charisma and extremely attractive appearance thanks to the trendy fashion style.

Recently, Huong Tram has attracted attention when sharing photos of the ultra-trendy brand, check-in at a luxury fashion shop. But most noteworthy is the attached status line as the complete opposite. Specifically the beautiful wrote: 'Behind a poor student is . flooded with discount items.'

Despite claiming to be a poor international student, Huong Tram still wears luxurious clothes every time she goes to town.

The minimalist set of beautiful people is lifted by an expensive belt and a bag that costs nearly 70 million dong.

However, perhaps Huong Tram was too humble to identify himself as a poor student. Because obviously, besides the set of shirts, turtleneck boots and long blazer, Huong Tram was wearing a Balmain belt and a box-shaped Dior bag costing up to £ 2,150 (approximately 70 million). copper). The overall outfit is harmonious with the highlight that two expensive brand items create an extremely eye-catching style, helping the female singer born in 1995 to score absolutely.

Admittedly, if poor but still dressed as trendy brands like Huong Tram then surely many girls want to be very poor here. Joking like that, perhaps life in the West is more or less causing difficulties for Huong Tram, a Vietnamese girl who has lived in the arms of family and fans for years.

Besides the above bag, Huong Tram previously owned many expensive models from many other fashion houses. Thanks to hard-working pursuit of singing, the beauty was able to meet the hobby of shopping bags, adding to the fashion closets with bags worth from a few tens to tens of millions of dong. Therefore, even when temporarily away from showbiz and going to the US to study, Huong Tram still has a series of pretty expensive bags on display every time.

Huong Tram is known as a follower of luxury brand bags. Beauties own both handbags from many famous fashion brands. The bag of stamping material of this fruit is regularly used by the female singer Huong Tram. It is known that this bag costs $ 3,300 (about 75 million).

Set with all expensive brands to bring the trendy, trendy style to Huong Tram style.

Extremely dynamic map with a bag of about 4,100 USD ~ 98 million), the female singer looks extremely attractive.

Huong Tram skillfully coordinated with armpit and leather leggings, perfect overall style, eye-catching.

The bag helps Huong Tram to improve the set, perfect the fashion style and youthful personality.

It looks small but the bag that Huong Tram looks in the picture is priced up to 5,999 USD (about 137 million VND).

This bag is an item popular with many connoisseurs, including Huong Tram. Beautiful people spend up to 2,490 USD (about 56 million VND) to buy this bag.

Map area has a total value of nearly 30 million, Huong Tram looks extremely young and stylish.

This black one is probably too familiar with fashionistas. As a bag enthusiast, Huong Tram of course cannot ignore this luxurious and elegant bag.

This is a bag belonging to another line that Huong Tram owns. It can be seen that beautiful people have been very strong in shopping brand bags.

Along with that, the way of coordinating costumes and accessories has helped Huong Tram perfect the style of eye-catching. Not wearing too sophisticated clothes, Huong Tram often chooses to choose minimalist designs, flatter and enhance the style with sunglasses or bags. That is why the attraction of the name Huong Tram has not improved even though she has been absent from showbiz for nearly 1 year.