Quynh Anh Truong an internal medicine breeze fad after heart-reunion

In the new picture, actress ' the war of the Roses ' let go reply outer, Breeze sexy curve., Truong Quynh Anh, heart, Nu dien vien, album, Don treated ...

After peacefully solving family story with heart, Truong Quynh Anh assured job back. She has just taken the photo sexy, marking her makeover with the dance music.

Female singer Please step through each other an Austria late ripe, flashed a bare shoulder sexy. Truong Quynh Anh would like directions to the dynamic image, charm of the girl at the age of 27.

American singer and actress shares, yet when she is confident about his stature as the present time. So, you want to make the photo save the beauty of childhood. Next to the makeover of the picture, Zhang Quynh Anh also like to experimented with the genre remix. Dance music album are done, there are a number of songs such as lonely, OK he was by the Vietnam's leading DJS.

In parallel with the remix album, Zhang Qiong he already set the dance to make MV lively dance music. A mother like to hang up the music deep static at this time.

Return to the field of movies, showtimes still overwhelm tv waves. The actress feared the audience "multiples" leads to boring images. So this year, she wants to focus for the music project.

Quynh Anh Truong an internal medicine tapered waist breeze. The actress shares, we have 3 tv movie script sent to but she declined in order to focus taking a movie was invested large funds.

Although Zhang Reasoning and emotional fist Heart life but singer-cum-actor refused to answer what the marriage at this time. According to the source close to, she and her son have moved back home to live with her husband and her Heart.=

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