Song Hye Kyo just wearing anything in the movie is real life into hot trend

Curly curls lopsided / on either side of "Happy House"

Han Ji Eun is one of the most impressive characters that Song Hye Kyo has shown. In the movie, Ji Eun often lets her hair style be slightly light, tied up or cute. After the film ended, this hairstyle became a trend not only in Korea but also in many other countries. For a long time, the first 8x and 9x girls were tired of this style of hair so much that they went out on the street and forced the two sides and grabbed all the hair of their bangs to look like Han Ji Eun.

Badger jacket with chest in "Happy house"

In addition to the lovely curly hair styles of Han Ji Eun, a hot and popular trend in the 8x and 9x circles of the time, it was Song Hye Kyo's unkempt coat in the movie. Even the shirt is always placed as "Han Ji Eun shirt", after the movie The Happy House aired, the style of badger jacket and colorful costumes were enthusiastically taken by the sisters. . The most explosive movement was in the 2000s.

Roasted hair in "The east wind of that year", "The descendant of the sun"

Before the thin roof became the trend of women, it was promoted by Song Hye Kyo in the movie "The Winter Wind That Year". It is undeniable that Song Hye Kyo is the beauty to the most beautiful rain showbiz Korea. It was the gentle curls on his forehead and the gentle natural curls that made a gentle feminine Song Hye Kyo with a face that always looked sad in the movie.

Next is the cult movie "Descendants of the Sun" - the movie work that connects Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki to each other and then to the end of the road everyone goes like today. Song Hye Kyo continues to choose a sparse hairstyle to rejuvenate her beauty. But unlike the previous films, Song Hye Kyo in the "Sun Descendants" allowed a little longer rain on both sides of the apricot to help her hairstyle in the film become more and more flying. And since then, the type of rain roof with more variations is also born.

"Descendants of the Sun": Song Hye Kyo keeps wearing what is hot

In the movie, Song Hye Kyo has a simple and gentle style but she wears what the fans have to hunt for the item. From the white dress that appeared from the first few episodes, the youthful elegant motifs for both the padded snaeker and Song Hye Kyo in the film also became the target of the search of women.

Song Hye Kyo is wearing something that becomes a fan's target. In "Sun Descendants", Song Hye Kyo's style is complimented by the simple simplicity that is easy to apply in real life.

The pair of sneakers padded immediately became hot items after Song Hye Kyo appeared on the film.

Short bob hair in "Encounter"

Most recently, it was Song Hye Kyo's rejuvenation of a beautiful young girl after she got married, she cut off her long hair to switch to a short bob hairstyle and did not forget to combine with the top-notch old-fashioned bangs. Fans were able to have a chance to rub their hair in spite of their age only Song Hye Kyo and then once again she was beautiful to promote a short bob hairstyle before the beauty and beauty trends of women.