Step through bad wear, My Tam has now transformed into sexy and luxurious queen of Vietnamese showbiz

Nothing can deny the vocal as well as the name of singer My Tam in Vietnamese showbiz, but the only thing in the voice of Da Nang makes the fans "encroaching" that is the style of fashion that rises abnormally. .

Rich, beautiful, there is even a strong ekip standing behind the support, but My Tam has consistently reached the top of bad wear. In fact, the physique of a singer born in 1981 has many shortcomings such as the lack of ideal height, short legs and slightly rough thighs.

My Tam is getting better and better in the eyes of fans.

With these limitations, simple and luxurious costumes, thick materials are a wise choice of My Tam, but she often tends to inappropriate designs, which are quite friable with dark cheeses. This is also the reason why the dressing style of female singers with the most fans is not highly appreciated.

However, recently the image of My Tam seems to have changed in a positive direction. It was also thanks to this transformation that helped "brown-haired eyelashes" become more perfect in the eyes of fans, and appeared on the list of stars wearing beautiful newspapers so much.

Different from My Tam that people still know, this time, the beauty choose a red dress with a hug hugely designed and embellished with the material that catches the eye.

The red dress helped My Tam show off its extremely beautiful body curves, while bringing a sexy and hot look to the beautiful face.

My Tam used to wear many tight and tight clothes, but beautiful people often choose the colors quite gentle and gentle.

Although this dress can help My Tam show off the perfect shape at the age of 38, but its elegant color brings to the face the beauty of beauty and charm more, instead of sexy, hot burn.

Although still charming, but this pure white dress can not create a sexy and fiery look for My Tam style.

Perhaps I have never appeared so much in the list of pretty stars wearing online newspapers

In the cumbersome dress form, it is highlighted quite a lot of meager details, My Tam still shows off her excellent stature of the age of 37. Thanks to the combination of two sweet pink and pink tones, and the dress "flatter" shape but this outfit helped create a goddess image in the audience. In order to "cheat" more height, the beautiful Da Nang chose the fashionable nude high heels.

When I put on my asymmetrical dress design, the light-gloss taffta fabric was cleverly transferred, My Tam showed off her luxurious and sweet beauty. Undeniably, from hairstyles to accessories exudes the spirit of a leading vocalist Vbiz.

With the physical defect is the hip, the dress patterns chosen by the female singer mostly have the A-shaped shape to fully exploit the waistline 'ant'. In addition, My Tam also prioritizes the bright colors and highlights the sparkling iridescent details to become more prominent without being too big.

Even when faced with a red dress with a princess dress, deep cut details also help the beauty of Da Nang show off her flamboyant peaches.

From the day of successful weight loss, My Tam is not afraid to test new and more charming styles. This sparkling two-string sequin dress has helped My Tam transform into a luxurious lady who can "cut her heart" any look.